Tory Burch Help! - Digging into my back heels!


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007
i hate foot i would try the bandaid method. i just bought one pair but without the metal thing. so far they are comfy but i haven't took them out for a walk yet.


Nov 22, 2006
How can a cobbler or nordstroms stretch out the elastic part? I know they have stretchers to make the shoes wider at front but I don't think there's anything to help with the darn awful elastic digging.

peace - can you explain what you mean by poking holes in the elastic? how will that help? thanks!
I took a safety pin and just poked several times at the elastic on the inside of the back of the shoe. I think I read it somewhere on tPF. I think it worked to slightly stretch out the elastic.

I also took the shoes to the cobbler to have them stretch the toe box. I think the medallion on the top of the shoe adds weight to the toe area and basically was rubbing against the top of my toe when it was inside the shoe. The Revas are very nice but I think that there are other flats that are much more comfortable right out of the box.