Tory Burch Help! - Digging into my back heels!

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  1. I just bought some revas and romy flats from TB and love the look. However, when i wear them, the back of my heels are getting all red and blistered, especially with the Romys. The Revas are giving me pain in the back of the heel as well as the front part of the shoe. I tried a half size up but they were slipping and the SA said I should stick with the size I got. Does anyone have advice on what I can do to help with the pain? i think it's due to the hard elastic on back. I tried putting a heel pad but it's hard to keep in place because of the elastic back. I'd hate to return them - they are such cute shoes! TIA!
  2. When I first got my revas, my feet were fine and I found them to be very comfortable but after not wearing them for a long time and after having a baby I am finding them to be very uncomfortable for the reasons you listed. I am thinking my feet will get used to them again but I find the digging into my heel very painful - I might try pulling at the elastic to see if it stretchs a bit (not sure if I would recommend for yours though as I wouldn't want them to get ruined) if it does make more comfortable I will let you know... but really I think this is my excuse to try some new flats; either mui mui or lanvins LOL
  3. My Revas hurt the first wear, but then stretch just enough to be comfortable.
  4. Did they hurt in the back like mine? I have worn them around the house for hours and my heels are red, near bleeding!
  5. When I first got revas, omfg, it hurt SO much. Same situation as you... blisters and everything. What helped was to put a band-aid on my heel (where it usually rubs) when I wore the revas... eventually the elastic loosened up so it didn't hurt my heel anymore. Now I wear my revas all the time, pain-free! :smile:
  6. wow, thanks for the encouragement! i don't know how much more i can put up with but i will try. the price of beauty! i got the shoes because everyone says they are so comfortable but man, i sure don't see what comfort they are talking about. they kill!
  7. I got my Revas on Mon & the back of my heels simply bled! I even ignored decorum & removed my shoes while dining in a 5-star hotel!:nuts: I put on bandaids on the following wearings & after 3 wearings, I am OK today! But I'm slightly worried that if I put them aside, say, for a few months, they might hurt again.

    However, I'm going to persevere because the alternative is a pair of Chanel or Lanvin which cost thrice as much!!!
  8. So, I would suggest 2 things. First, I bought this stick, kind of like the size of a mini cocoa-butter stick, you can find it at Target, Rite-Aid, CVS, etc. (Mods, I hope it is ok to mention these retailers), but you get my drift, pretty much everywhere, in the shoe section, and I believe Dr. Scholl's makes the one I bought, but there is another brand too. Basically, it is supposed to act like a bandage on your foot, where you know it is going to be rubbing and painful, without actually having a bandage on. So, you just rub the stick on the back of your heel (for me, I use it with a pair of sandals that always rub on my pinkies and the top of my feet), and it really, really minimizes the blistering/rubbing.

    If you can't find that stick, then honestly, I would rub some thick cream, even cocoa-butter or shea butter, and then put them on and run over to another drugstore to find the stick:P

    Best of luck breaking in the shoes. However, if your feet keep bleeding after using one of these methods a couple of times, I would ask the SA if it is ok to return them and get something else? Shoes, especially designer flats, were meant for comfort, not torture:nuts:
  9. Yes...right at the elastic. I wore bandaids across the area where they rubbed until the shoes loosened up a bit!
  10. Okay, I will give it a try with a band-aid. Hope they will stretch out. Thanks!
  11. My revas hurt my heels as well. I usually slip them off for a while at my desk at work. I will try some of the suggestions you guys listed.
  12. It happened to me also when I got my first pair few years back. I just used band aid in the meantime til it stretch a little. Got few more pairs but this time, I got half size up. I just use a little cork to avoid slipping.

  13. I love Revas, but I didn't find them comfortable for the same reason.......the elastic at the heel. I returned mine, as I never wore them other than 15 minutes on a rug. I knew almost right away, it would get worse over time. The most comfortable flats I've ever found are by Michael Kors. They are kid leather, and need NO breaking in. The only problem is..........they are hard to find!
  14. Forget a piece of "moleskin" from the Dr. Scholls section of most stores. Cut to fit your foot and put it on your heel till they stretch out. It is a thick,soft piece of band-aid type dressing and you will thank yourself over and over. If you are gonna wear a band aid either before or after, wear it now to be comfy. They stretch with time.
  15. I was just at the Tory Burch store yesterday, and the person there suggested that I take them back to where I bought them ( Nordstrom) and ask them to stretch them for a while to loosen up the elastic.

    I haven't gone in yet, so in the meantime I am putting big bandaids on the back.