Today I carried...(fill in the blank with your LV) PART 3!!

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  1. t[​IMG]
  2. Going to ballet
    Returned to Aus
    Not what I wanted to wear but got burnt riding today ... summer is brutal

  3. So gorgeous! This is one of my fav pieces and you look amazing!
  4. Haha thanks
    Hope your weekend is going well
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  5. Looking gorgeous as always. Love that clutch. Hope you enjoyed the ballet
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  6. Mr Jones again

    Attached Files:

  7. And don’t we miss him seeing the latest men’s show.

    You look fab as always x
  8. You look fabulous and rock this bag!
  9. I agree .. adore Mr Jones
    Hope you have a lovely day
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  10. Thanks
    I was charging my bikes gears haha
    Hope you have a lovely weekend
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  11. Thank you dear, wish you have a fabulous weekend too!
  12. Love looking at this combo
  13. You always look incredible, but I love your bike too!
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  14. Boulogne 30 LV vintage 1996