Today I carried...(fill in the blank with your LV) PART 3!!

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  1. Getting ready to fly to Seattle and Las Vegas. Whenever I fly, I break out my trusty Neverfull GM to use as my personal bag. [​IMG]
  2. Wearing this cutie on this beautiful snow day! [​IMG]
  3. IMG_0518.JPG

    My artsy MM
  4. My next purchase!
  5. OMG that color is to die for!
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  6. 2014 Doc BB 20181212_095528.jpg
  7. Carried my Trevi PM in Paris for shopping at Polene (two bags!), Etro (shoes and perfume) and more and for drinks by the fire in the bar at La Reserve Hotel.

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  9. I love the way this Speedy looks :speedy: :love:
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  10. Mr Jones again
  11. [​IMG] found a way to use Poche noe as a crossbody
  12. Yes, very tiny cute uggs
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  13. My Lumineuse in Aube. Love this rich & deep purple color!

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  14. Ugh this dark purple is sooo heavenly.
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