time to celebrate!

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  1. Oh, and how rude of me...congratulations on the job offer! :woohoo:
  2. I say go for a new pair of sunglasses....and congrats on the new job offer.......go for it!!!!!!
  3. I am very happy to hear you have such a great offer in front of you. I think you should listen to the 95% of you that wants the job. If your boss is the type to get mad and try to play head games with you, that is just reinforces your need to move on! This is business and you are managing your career. Believe me, your boss isn't concerned about how his decisions are impacting your mood. Good Luck! As far as a Coach treat goes, an Ergo wallet is great because you get a mix of the leather and signature. I also LOVE my Coach sunglasses. I have the Posey sunglasses and the flowers with crystals are so pretty without being over the top. Here's a pic of the side detail.

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  4. Congrats!! I recently stepped out of my comfort zone to do something different so I know how big a decision it is. Best to you and I agree with everyone else - Sunglasses!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I say sunglasses too.
  6. Thanks for everything ladies! I gave my two weeks this morning and it was well received. I was rather shocked! :shocked: I am very relieved now, so I can concentrate on shopping :smile:. The local boutique is only open past 6 on Fridays so I will be heading over there after work today to check out the selection. I am leaning towards some sunnies, but if I have to order them, I will probably pick up a charm so I have something to leave with! :dothewave:
  7. How exciting!! Congratulations to you!! My vote is for the sunnies! :tup:
  8. Picked up the Peony sunnies in tortoise :smile: Simply amazing! I had gone in wanting the Samantha sunglasses but I wasn't too fond of the crystals on the side and the Peonies just looked better.
  9. Congrats!

    I :heart: my Peony sunglasses!
  10. Congratulations and all the best as you start a new chapter in your career! Peony sunnies are pretty!
  11. Well, there you go . . . two decisions made! Being a little nervous and scared helps to keep us on our toes! Enjoy your new adventure and your new Peonies!
  12. First of all, congrats on the new job!!! Sounds like you made the right decision...I think you already knew what you wanted to do, but there was that teeny bit of fear trying to hold you back! I'm so glad your friends here on TPF encouraged you & gave you the extra push to go for it!

    Now, on to Coach! I was thinking that if there's an outlet close to you, you should check it out. This weekend they're having 20% - 30% off most things in the store, so you could pick up more for the money! There is so much to chose from, and you might find a goodie from retail if you're there at the right time! Good luck & let us know what you finally decide on!
  13. Yes all of you tPF ladies are amazing caring people for being complete strangers!

    I can't wait until tomorrow to wear my new sunnies. :smile: I will never buy a $20 pair of sunglasses from Express ever again! I will be keeping my Nine West sunnies from Macys in the car as backup though.

    I would so love to go to an outlet this weekend but I'll be at my parents house. Although...I may be able to convince my mom to take a trip to Woodbury with me on Sunday :smile: She needs a new wallet to go with her new bag anyway!