time to celebrate!

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  1. So to keep a long story short, I've been working at the company I started with right out of college. For the past 2 years I've been trying to find a new job, going on tons of interviews. The company I work for is such a small niche company that I had a hard time finding a new job because I don't have quite the right experience these larger companies are looking for. I basically would have to start over in an entry position. Anyway, my time finally came and I got an amazing offer at one of the top market research firms in the world. I have until Tuesday to decide and I'm 95% sure I am going to take it. It's just that 5% of me that is scared and nervous that it might not work out. (I will admit I do have a glass-is-half-empty mentality on things) I've been with this company so long that I've gotten comfortable and am a bit scared of the change. Ironically I had no fears going to college, moving out on my own, starting a job in the real world, or going to grad school. Also can't forget to mention that my boss will be very upset and I know will try and make me feel bad for leaving.

    Anyway, I need to celebrate and buy some new Coach! I need some suggestions. I don't want to spend a ton of money since I did just buy my Carly as a graduation present to myself. I'm thinking maybe an Ergo wallet or sunglasses. I'd say $150-200 is my max. I need suggestions!
  2. oooh sunnies for summer! i LOVE the mimi's.

    Congratz on the job offer!
  3. First of all, congratulations ! You have to do what is right for YOU so taking this job seems like it is a good move. Things change no matter what so it is good that you are making a change in what seems to be a postitive direction and you have worked hard for it. Ok as far as coach, does your new job require you to carry a briefcase/laptop type bag ? Maybe you can get something for work. Sometimes the outlets have larger pieces for a good price. For something fun, maybe get something in that pretty pear color in leather. Good luck !
  4. Congrats! That's fantastic!! The green scarf print is gorgeous, I'd go for that.
  5. Congrats!
    I say go for a matching/coordinating wallet!:yes:
  6. Congrats to you!

    How about a pair of sunglasses and a wristlet?
  7. How exciting for you! You should be so proud of your self for so many wonderful accomplishments. I say take the job. With your "get up and go" you'll do excellent. As for your boss... tell him to scratch his mad place and get better, and for your yummy Coach surprise I say ergo wallet all the way girl!!! Congrats to you!!!!
  8. Thanks ladies for the congrats and reassurance for moving on up!

    I already have a Hamptons book tote that I already use as a briefcase. I am not sure whether or not I will need a laptop bag. That's a bit more than I want to spend right now anyway. I'm trying to be good until July when my parents are throwing me a grad party since I didn't have one for undergrad. Then I can go Coach crazy!

    Anyway, I think I definately want to stay around the $150 mark, so I am thinking either sunglasses or the watercolor wristlet and star charm. I tend to loose and break sunglasses, but I think that is mostly because I never have a case for them. Plus I don't buy any that cost more than $30, so I'm careless with them.
  9. I'd say a wristlet, a charm, and a cute scarf!
    Congrats on the new job!
  10. congrats!

    what about one of the bracelets and a little something else? i'm coming up for my review (actually my one yr anniversary at my job!) in a few weeks and if it goes well, i'm gonna buy myself one of the bracelets!

    if not, i say definitely go for the sunglasses!
  11. Congrats! First, you're not alone in the "change is scary" department. I think everyone is like that, I know I am and it has happned to me every time I've changed jobs, even when I couldn't stand the current one! Also, don't let your boss guilt you - remember, you have to do what's right for you.

    Anyway, as far as Coach stuff goes, I like your idea of the watercolor wristlet and charm, but their sunglasses are great! I got a pair during the Dec. PCE and have used them non-stop. I also am prone to losing/breaking sunnies, but haven't had an issue with these b/c Coach gives you a great case w/them!

    Congrats, good luck and let us know what you decide on (for everything)!
  12. Go with the wristlet and charm -- they'll go great with the new job!
  13. I vote for the sunglasses. I have two pairs and love them :cool:
  14. I know that feeling about being nervous about a new job. Last year I needed to look for another job after being with the same company for 10.5 years (since high school) and I was very nervous about a new job. Now I am very comfortable in that new job and have still stuck around the old job for extra hours (they wouldn't make it without me).
    As to what to get yourself, I was in the store gawking at the new scarf print and fell in love with the swingpack. Also, the new legacy lined wallets are nice, though I heard they transfer. I was also looking at the Hampton demis which are also under $200.
  15. its almost summer, you need some sunglasses!