Tiffany Engagement Ring


May 19, 2006
So i got in touch with tifanys, a nice lady rang me up and talked to me, she said for £2025 i could get a 0.4carat with an f in colour, and i think she said it was platinum.
You could get a bigger one if you are willing to go down to I, VS2.


Sep 21, 2007
^^^ Agreed. I have no idea but does Tiffany even stock SI1 or SI2? If so, that would help also and you should not be able to see any inclusions w/ the naked eye. .4 is on the petite side.


Sep 1, 2006
Penguin, I believe Tiffany does not sell below a VS2. An F color graded diamond is great!

And, my friends in the UK have told me that even tho we here in the US sometimes tend to go for "bigger is better" when it comes to diamonds, very often ladies "across the pond" often prefer more petite jewelry and diamonds but, of course, that would be up to you and your future bride.

My own engagement diamond was .4 carat ( not Tiffany tho ) and even though over the years I've been given additional stones, I love that first ring, very much.

I feel your future bride would love the .4 carat Tiffany.:yes:


will work for bags!
Nov 20, 2007
tiffany's sells many beautiful rings (and who doesn't love that lovely robin's egg blue box and white ribbon!) but if u are willing to spend the time and energy, u can get just as beautiful a diamond for much less $$. when we were looking for my engagement ring, i learned a lot about diamonds - and then looked into why tiffany's is sooo expensive in comparison to other stores. basically, tiffany's cuts out the legwork of having to search for a good diamond. they auto. reject many poorer quality stones, and they have the name. it's much harder to search for a nice stone when u have to look through a bunch of not so nice stones. there are also a bunch of people out there trying to rip u off. i found a tiffany quality stone, at a not-so-tiffany's price after just putting some effort into finding my perfect diamond. if ur girl really wants a tiffany ring, then go for it...but many girls would much rather have a slightly larger stone with a non-tiffany name when money is an object. for ur money, if my conversion is correct, u should be able to get a nice quality stone in the 1-1.3 carat range elsewhere. try the book "how to buy a diamond" by fred cuellar and search online. cut and quality are def important, though - a large, dull stone doesn't catch the eye like a small, well-cut, sparkly stone full of fire and brilliance. and remember, cut is almost more important than, say, a color D stone. a poorly cut D stone isnt worth the money. for an engagement ring, VS1-VS2 to SI1 are good clarity's to look for. anything above that just costs too much and isnt worth it (unless u have $$$ to blow) u want eye clean (nothing visible to the naked eye) as well. nothing worse than looking at someone's engagement ring, and seeing a large, visible inclusion right smack in the middle of the stone...


Jan 28, 2007
With your price range, I suggest that you look at Tiffany's other diamond rings (not in the 'engagement ring' cases) because I think you will be able to buy "more ring" with your money. These are some of the styles that I think would make a wonderful engagement ring. They are elegant, unique, and more eye catching in terms of sparkle than a typical style e-ring set with a small center stone. If she is not a traditionalist (in wanting the classic solitaire style) these may be good options for you.

These are my personal favorites:

This one can be worn nicely with a thin diamond eternity band and is really beautiful.

This is a wonderful ring. It is a timeless style and gives the impression that she is wearring two eternity bands on each side of the marquis diamonds.

These are also nice:

This comes in a thicker style too (but the price jumps to $12k USD)

If you would rather keep with a more traditional style e-ring, and Tiffany's is not a must, I would also suggest looking outside of Tiffany's. You will be able to buy a larger center stone of the same quality found at Tiffany's, but for much, much less money. :smile: What size finger does she have? (Because this really influences how the ring will look on her finger.)


Jan 13, 2006
If you don't mind previously owned, check out Signed Pieces. They have many authentic Tiffany engagements rings for about 60 % of the price.


Jan 28, 2007
If you don't mind previously owned, check out Signed Pieces. They have many authentic Tiffany engagements rings for about 60 % of the price.
That is such a great idea!! I was just on that site yesterday and they have a Tiffany ribbon ring that is really beautiful. Here is the link.

If you purchased a piece like this, Tiffany's could polish it for you and it would look brand new.

Ribbon Ring

Here is the classic Tiffany setting w/ a center stone just under 1 ct.

Here is the Lucida with just around 1/5 ct


Aug 8, 2006
i think the .4 sounds lovely and perfect. you can get more for your money elsewhere of course, but a Tiffany diamond is so romantic.

Best wishes!