Tiffany Engagement Ring

  1. Hi im new here, i want to get my girlfriend a tiffany engagement ring but have no idea of the cost, im setting a figure aside of about £2000, will that get me anything?
  2. You will be able to get something... but what are you looking to get? Do you know the size/color etc that you want? Or what your girlfriend likes??

    I suggest checking out ... everyone on that forum is very helpful and very nice!

    Best of luck to you! :tup:
  3. well i havnt a clue to be honest with you, im all new to this, all i know is that tiffanys sell very good quality diamonds so i wanted to get her a tiffany ring. thanx for link il chk it
  4. I second pricescope. They have great ppl there and once you learn more about stones, etc., you may even decide to go with a non-branded ring and get more for your money, unless you are sure you and your g/f are dead set on Tiffany.
  5. Tiffany is good in quality, but so are other brands such as Cartier or Hearts on Fire. Regardless where you purchase from, your girlfriend can't say no.
  6. hello, Penguinsnow....when I was interested in information on a Tiffany Lucida purchase, I called the Tiffany store and spoke with a very nice Tiffany representative. We talked about the rings/stones and what could be purchased with a certain amount of money.

    I feel like that was a good start and would recommend you begin your Tiffany search like that unless you are able to actually visit a Tiffany store.

    Tiffany can bring in rings for your selection within your price range too. And, yes, they can be pricey as many branded stones/rings are but, if you like Tiffany, you like Tiffany.
  7. ^ ditto!!

    I HAD to have a tiffany's ring because i just love them and they just fit me and my personality....but i knew i had to cut things out for the name (aka I could have gotten a 2 carat else where (or more!!)) but i just had to have the ribbon ring!!!

    It all depends on what she wants...if she's like me and has been dreaming of the little blue box forever, then id say go for it! :smile:
  8. Hi, I second You might be able to find a better cut diamond with the assistance and information on that forum than a tiffany diamond there for less $. Good luck!
  9. i was in tiffanys a few weeks back and looked at their either almost 1 carat or 1 carat NOVO cut ring (squarish with rounded edges like a cushion) and it was 16,000.
  10. My opinion is no, you can not get anything decent in the bling range for that budget at T.

    To me, T. has a considerable premium included in their prices, which in effect gives you the least bang for your buck!!!!! The premium is for the name which is backed up by quality and service. However, they arent the only ones to sell quality diamonds or nice designs.

    You can get some great help at Pricescope imo.
  11. definitely get some advice at pricescope. If you are set on a tiffany ring, I would ring or email them and they will let you know of prices and the different specs on the ring. I got a tiffany ring in July and I adore it so I know what the appeal is. You would be able to get something for that budget but it probably wouldn't be very large. You could also check out which sells second hand tiffany jewellery. It is always recommended on pricescope so it's a legitimate site. Also if you can, seeing as you're saying your price is in sterling, try and get the ring from the states. I live in Ireland so I had to get my ring valuation from the UK for insurance purposes as we don't have a store over here, and if I had bought my ring in the UK it would have cost me £6000 more.
  12. If your heart is set on Tiffany, then ring them and see what they have in your range.

    I love Tiffany.
  13. wow thanks for all your replies! i mite be going to london in the next couple of weeks so i can have a look then but im also gona email them right now and see what they say. im not expecting anything large for my budget bt itd be nice to get an idea. thanx
  14. ITA!!!:tup:
  15. So i got in touch with tifanys, a nice lady rang me up and talked to me, she said for £2025 i could get a 0.4carat with an f in colour, and i think she said it was platinum.