tiffany DBTY bracelet. SS or Platinum???help!

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  1. bextasy- the worst thing about it is that there was two sales associates helping me and they were both at one of them should have noticed and if they did know- they just couldnt be bothered to tell me!! so im just returning the bracelet i dont want to have to deal with this whole situation of exchanging it for something else. if i want the DBTY i dont know...i'll go to whiteflash or wherever.

    i'm sure i'll go back to tiffany again, there's no doubt but this isolated incident has left a bitter taste in my mouth so im just going to return it and that'll be the end of it!!
  2. Ok so there was a good ending to all this hassle! I called tiffany customer service and the rep that I was talking to agreed that was a strange incident so she took down my information and told me she would contact the head office in Canada, which is the Bloor st location. I received a call from the manager there and she apologized for the inconvenience and what happened at the Yorkdale location.

    I ended up going to the Bloor location and the manager gave me a $100.00 credit towards a purchase and 3 silver polishing cloths. sooo I ended up getting what I wanted in the first place, the platinum 3 diamond DBTY bracelet!
  3. ^^That's the customer service that was needed in this situation! Congrats on your new bracelet!
  4. Thanks Ahertz, i'm happy it was taken care of. I think the manager at the Bloor location definitely thought something was wrong with that situation because the SA's know the difference between SS and platinum for sure!!:P
  5. good thing you checked on your purchase and everything was resolved.
  6. It sounds like an honest mistake. Inconvenient, but honest. Your SA was probably inept at worst, but I doubt they'd ever try to fool you. Tiffany's has a reputation to maintain after all.

    Glad to hear everything turned out for the best! Congrats on a nice, delicate, yet durable bracelet. The three stones sound elegant.

    And never be embarassed to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase. It's your money. Besides, all is fair in love, war, and retail!
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    hahaha so very true:P, I don't think it was on purpose either, maybe the mix up was due to the fact that a SS bracelet was accidently put in the gold and platinum room instead of the silver big deal its all fixed now. actually im heading back tomorrow to get a present for my mom, i'm thinking the YG DBTY. she deserves it she just donated a kidney to her brother and is still in the hospital recovering...he feels fabulous, but losing a kidney that takes a while to heal from....