tiffany DBTY bracelet. SS or Platinum???help!

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  1. Hi, hopefully one of the tiffany experts can help me. I bought a DBTY sterling silver bracelet with one aquamarine, but i decided to return it for the 3 diamond platinum version because i want to wear it all the time without worrying about tarnishing. but........i just got home and my receipt says that the bracelet i exchanged it for is SS. and I just look at my bracelet and it says 925 on the inside....please tell me what the number format is for platinum!! I bought this in the platinum and gold floor of tiffany and was told its platinum.

  2. Sounds like ss how much did u pay?
  3. 925 designates Sterling Silver. You would of definitely have paid A LOT more money for your exchange also......going to Plat. w/ diamonds.
  4. ya i paid 580 dollars more lol does anyone know what the number is for platinum? gold is 750 for 18k, SS is 925....this sucks
  5. The reason you paid $580.00 more is because you went from one aquamarine to three diamonds. Also, I believe the hallmark for Platinum is Plat. or PT. There is no number.
  6. ^ pt950 = platinum
  7. thanks everyone...i didnt think to check in the store to make sure i was getting what i asked for...i just assumed when i was told my the SA it was platinum that was what I was getting!! this sucks because now i have to go back and return it, and i already exchanged another bracelet for this one :sad: kind of embarrassing...
  8. I kind of feel tricked...the SA took me from the silver section over to the platinum and gold section and was like "oh this is perfect for you and such a good price for the platinum because the diamonds are smaller":shucks::sad:
  9. The three stone in silver is $425 and in platinum is $900. So it sounds to me like they gave you the wrong item. I'd call customer service ASAP!
  10. Ahertz- I know i'm going to, i think im just going to return it, this whole bracelet experience has me not wanting it anymore which makes me sad :sad: lol
  11. I just called yorkdale, basically they said it was a mistake on their part, and to come back and just exchange or return, still makes me upset because now i have to go back AGAIN! tiffany is going to think im crazy:cry:
  12. ^^ They should send a courier:rolleyes:!

    Whiteflash has one that's only a little bit more and has 8 diamonds instead of 3...
  13. hmmm tempting...ahertz your evil!! lol ya just how this was handled by the SA- even if she did realise when she put the order through that it was SS she should have said something!! I would have!
  14. ^^ The difference is only $95 I think, so I'm not that evil!:graucho:
  15. Ugh that whole thing is annoying!