this is sad but i need help....kooba or botkier

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  1. Another vote for the Kooba!
  2. so active endeavors has both purses and now looking at them i am sort of falling for the trigger clutch which i came across on revolve clothing's site! it is bigger than i thought and that champagne color is simply beautiful! agggghhhhhhhh just let me get all of them!

    has anyone ordered the clutch?
  3. Kooba!!
  4. I love my Botkier trigger, and it looks NOTHING like a Balenciaga. I don't get the comparison apart from the long fringed zipper pulls, that's where it starts and ends. It's very roomy, yet compact, and I can fit a ton inside it. The way the handles are shaped lets it sit very comfortably on my shoulder. The leather is very, very nice, not "cheap", and to me it has a unique and pretty shape.

    I don't like the drawstring on the Ginger that much, looks like two pigtail braids or something. That said, I haven't seen or held it in person.

    I suggest you take both bags for a test drive at a store before buying. Only you can decide which is best for you.
  5. all of you are helping sooo much...I THINK i am going to get the botkier... i would like both but i agree i might get sick of the braids....funny i mention my husband wanting to die if i ask him another purse question but when i showed him the ginger last night the first thing he said was... do you think you would get sick of "those things" pointing to the grommets and braids... maybe he knows me too well!!!!!

    jane i would LOVE to take test drives but the neiman marcus here has no triggers!!!! and no gingers.... it has both botkier and kooba but not the ones i am after.

    so this is like therapy!!! slow down breath and make up your mind... i love the smooth leather and the champange color of the botkier now i need to decide trigger turbo or clutch. i wonder if i would get sick of the clutch if i used it daily? i have a few clutch purses and love them!

    thanks to all of you! such sweet ladies here. :smile:
  6. I agree Botkier does not remind me of a B bag. I like my trigger but I don't care for the motorcycle bags.

    I also saw the new clutch and love it and want the champaigne too! It looks beautiful in that color!
  7. Just remember to order from a place with a good return policy. You can always return whichever bag you get if you don't like it.

    But you'll love that trigger. ;)

  8. okay my purse therapy for the day has come to a close...

    i am excited i feel good about it! i now know i want a botkier... i have to let go of the balenciaga comparison ... silly to keep thinking that when i agree with those who have said the zipper and tassles are similar but that is it. they are different and this is truly a beautiful bag. if i wanted a balenciaga i would just have to wait for a little while to get the extra cash... truth be told i like the color, leather and style more!

    i will let you know when it arrives...
    still unsure about the trigger clutch or turbo but i know it is between those two...

    thanks again, a million!!! ;)
  9. good luck on your decision!
    I have the Kooba farrah and botkier trigger and I love them both. One thing that's kind of bothered me about the Kooba is that I think they are now made in China (after it became really popular). Not that I have anything against goods made in China but after seeing the quality of Uggs deteriorate (they used to be made in New Zealand but are now made in China), I would hate for Kooba's fate to be the same. Botkiers are all made in New York.

  10. GOOD TO KNOW!!! and i agree about the uggs...i got a pair of tall uggs for christmas and when i put them on the seam in the center split.... are you kidding me? i of course got a new pair but that should NOT happen... all of my uggs have fallen apart eventually...

    glad my purse on the way is MADE IN THE USA :smile:

    yep I GOT THE BOTKIER... i had a coupon code and went for it... i figure if i do not like it i could exchange for the trigger clutch and if i love it maybe get the clutch in another color down the road. so i am happy and cannot wait to get it!

    all the advice helped.... :smile:
  11. I was just wondering and looking around in my Kooba to see where this bag is made. Is it really now made in China? Also, are all Kooba bags made out of lamb leather? If not, what kind of leather because it is so squooshy:biggrin:

  12. My husband is happy to hear that he is not the only one plagued with bag decisions! :lol: