this is sad but i need help....kooba or botkier


Jan 30, 2006
my husband i think is going to kill me if i ask him one more time... do you think i should get this or that ... do you like this or that....(he does not care at all, why do i even ask) i am trying to follow the rules and post this question in an old thread but i think it is getting lost.

i cannot make up my mind. it is so hard to internet shop for bags...

kooba ginger in gold spring 2006
botkier luxe trigger metallic champange

always in the back of my mind i think of the trigger wannabe balenciaga.... who agrees?

everyone if you want share opinions and help me pull the trigger or the ginger. :lol:
I had a Trigger Bag but I returned it. I love the look, but it was so heavy and bulky there was no way I was going to carry it realistically. I got a Kooka hobo instead, and I do love it. Very lightweight. Do we need to be practical?
lele said:
always in the back of my mind i think of the trigger wannabe balenciaga.... who agrees?

Not me! Other than the tassles, the bags don't look alike at all.

I think I'd pick a Trigger over any of the Koobas. That said, I still have my Kooba Sieana and sold all my Botkiers. Go figure... I must miss my Triggers! The Trigger is so nice with its various compartments and I love the way it looks. Not sure about the metallic though... so pretty but I don't think I'd want to carry that everyday.

Sorry, I'm no help!

I cracked up over, "he doesn't care, why do I ask" !!!!!! lolol
really? heavy...i would not have guessed that! thanks for the info.... i want a bag i can use everyday or at night .... something large enough i could throw some of my baby's stuff in if needed but not so huge as i have lots of bigger bags...

wish i could just get both... :smile:
Tough decesion! I love both of these bag brands. I have the Botkier Stirrup and med. Trigger and just ordered the Kooba Sienna. I love the Champaigne color of the botkier and the bag will look great in that color and I don't think the bag is too heavy, I love having the 2 outside pockets so I can organize my stuff and grab it easily. They are about the same price too so that doesn't help you out either. right now I am partial to the Botkier that design looks really good in the metalic I kinda like the Kooba Ginger bag best in the yello and white.
Kooba Ginger without a doubt! It is a cute bag! I love my Kooba and it gets a ton of use and I would have never considered myself a hobo type of girl, almost all my bags are satchels.

I think you'll be far happier with the Kooba! :biggrin:
Lele, I have always kind of thought the same thing about Botkier!! I would pick the Ginger - I really like it in Chesnut.

Also, just this morning, I called my husband at work 3 times and demanded that he help me decide betweeen the white or cornflower Balenciaga City. :P I know I make him crazy with all this purse stuff.
G_lily, I say it builds character!

I know that this is evil, but I work with a bunch of guys. Whenever I want to annoy them (all in good fun), I start talking about purses. Then I keep insert questions about the purse, like they should know and expect answers from them. It is so funny sometimes to see the look on their faces. :P
oh no... what do i do? that gold ginger is not available yet and i am anxious to get a new bag... maybe i wait and get the trigger in black later.

thanks for all your replies and i am glad there are other husbands out there getting asked about handbags!

what i like about the kooba is it not too slouchy... but i love the color of the botkier and i am worried the gold ginger is too shiny i cannot see one in person. the saga continues. do you ever feel guilty thinking this much about bags?
i prefer the kooba ginger....the botkier looks like a cheap motocycle in my opinion....instead my favourite kooba is the sienna which i have in colour cream....very soft leather and easy to wear in everyday life....perfect!!
sometimes i feel bad agonizing over bags while some people cannot find money to buy groceries... but everything is relative... posh has 15 birkins. so you are right, no crime....