The Ultimate Investment

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  1. Chanel lambskin tote bag with contrasted trim. You can take a look at this bag at
    It is under "accessories." I couldn't post a pic. I tried this bag on over the weekend at a Chanel store and it was gorgeous!!! It's a casual bag but can be dressed up as well. It also comes in fabulous colors! On the website it is in a camel color. IRL I saw it in black, navy, yellow, and salmon. Check it out!
  2. For some reason Chanel popped into my mind too!! Chanel bags are so classy you can not go wrong!
  3. I woudl say LV but that has been faked to death!! :sad:
    chanel is the ultimate designer bag :smile:
  4. ArtofAcquisition, I've been told that all the Chanels in London are sold out of the 2.55, where have you been looking? Does anyone know if Paris still has them? I might make a trip just for it...
  5. Just ask a Chanel in the U.S.
  6. if i had $2000 and was looking for an investment i'd rather buy a piece of jewelry to be honest. but if you're looking for a bag, i'd say chanel too.
  7. does anyone have a picture of this bag to post? i would love to see it.