The Ultimate Investment

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  1. Let's just say i have a CA$2000 budget to get a bag that will have to last me for basically a VERY long time... it'll have to be durable, and good for every occasion (except for special functions), it's gotta be a style that hasnt been copied much,(so there's no doubt whatsoever that the bag i've got is NOT fake) and something that won't go outta style, medium sized. :oh:
    my personal fashion style is sorta preppy casual. sorta denise richards kinda thing... heels, jeans, strappy top. i'm 20, college student.
    my mom said i could get one bag for such occasions, even though she thinks, as a student, i shouldnt have ANY designer bags at all :cry:,(if i want any i'd have to save up for them myself, which is virtually impossible) considering i'm overseas and nobody knows me and stuff. but since there're occasions when i NEEd to have a designer bag..i.e when i'm home and going to functions with her or dad *rolls eyes* dinners with ppl... i can pick ONE. (in other words, times when i have to look 'acceptable' when i'm recognised as their daughter)
    so which one should it be...? :worried:
    i turn PURPLE with ENVY everytime i log on to this forum....!!!! :shame:
  2. Chanel 2.55, hands down !
  3. LV Mizi...
  4. Any Chanel bag, preferably one that leaves you w/ just enough to snatch up a swanky wallet too!
  5. agreed a chanel
  6. Chanel all the way! Reality is that every great bag gets copied. Good luck though! I hope you find your great bag!
  7. chanel, easy.
  8. Do you even have to ask? CHANEL! 2.55 or the classic flap bag. It's so versatile, you could even use it for social functions.
  9. Black Chanel flap bag.....hands down! That's the one I'm always drooling over.:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: IMHO, you can dress it up or down. It's all about how you rock it and how you carry yourself.
  10. I agree w/the rest of the crowd. Chanel~~all the way for the ultimate investment!
  11. Yeah, go with Chanel. I almost got the white caviar classic flap bag today. $1815, but the SA said that it could only be re-dipped around 4x. I am looking more for an everyday, but the black is nice too. It was sold out, but they said it was readily available in most parts of the continent :biggrin:
  12. Is everyone talking about the Chanel 2.55 reissue or the other more common version? I have been looking around and it seems like the reissue is pretty available still, not that hard to find, yet people are saying it is sold out?
  13. A medium 2.55 (or, what's now called a classic flap bag) in caviar leather will run you around $2000 after BC taxes. I think it's about $1775 before. The leather is scratch resistant and the bag won't go out of style.
  14. I have the Chanel Ligne Cambogne(SP??!) Black Flap bag-It is truly my all time most used bag and my favorite( I have over 100 designer bags..much to my hubbys dismay!)Like it better than my Spy......
  15. i agree with everyone else!