The Ultimate Investment


Old school tPFer
Jan 31, 2006
Let's just say i have a CA$2000 budget to get a bag that will have to last me for basically a VERY long time... it'll have to be durable, and good for every occasion (except for special functions), it's gotta be a style that hasnt been copied much,(so there's no doubt whatsoever that the bag i've got is NOT fake) and something that won't go outta style, medium sized. :oh:
my personal fashion style is sorta preppy casual. sorta denise richards kinda thing... heels, jeans, strappy top. i'm 20, college student.
my mom said i could get one bag for such occasions, even though she thinks, as a student, i shouldnt have ANY designer bags at all :cry:,(if i want any i'd have to save up for them myself, which is virtually impossible) considering i'm overseas and nobody knows me and stuff. but since there're occasions when i NEEd to have a designer bag..i.e when i'm home and going to functions with her or dad *rolls eyes* dinners with ppl... i can pick ONE. (in other words, times when i have to look 'acceptable' when i'm recognised as their daughter)
so which one should it be...? :worried:
i turn PURPLE with ENVY everytime i log on to this forum....!!!! :shame:
Black Chanel flap bag.....hands down! That's the one I'm always drooling over.:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: IMHO, you can dress it up or down. It's all about how you rock it and how you carry yourself.
Yeah, go with Chanel. I almost got the white caviar classic flap bag today. $1815, but the SA said that it could only be re-dipped around 4x. I am looking more for an everyday, but the black is nice too. It was sold out, but they said it was readily available in most parts of the continent :biggrin:
Is everyone talking about the Chanel 2.55 reissue or the other more common version? I have been looking around and it seems like the reissue is pretty available still, not that hard to find, yet people are saying it is sold out?
A medium 2.55 (or, what's now called a classic flap bag) in caviar leather will run you around $2000 after BC taxes. I think it's about $1775 before. The leather is scratch resistant and the bag won't go out of style.
I have the Chanel Ligne Cambogne(SP??!) Black Flap bag-It is truly my all time most used bag and my favorite( I have over 100 designer bags..much to my hubbys dismay!)Like it better than my Spy......