The Tiffany Elsa Peretti Bean Thread

  1. Yep. Silver, Plat, Stainless.

    THANKS!!! :smile: Dh isn't home to berate me over it right now. So im just walking around in it.
  2. Thank goodness you can wear silver and platinum. For some reason I didn't think you could wear silver.
    Tell me about it! I pointed out the black jade bean that I want to get, and my SO said ANOTHER bean (he bought me one, but in all honesty, I didn't know it was going to be a 20mm silver one!)?
    It's not my fault that I have been spending alot of money lately; my birthday was last month, and i just got my tax return back! :p
  3. Ame yours looks so close in size to dpats. I am so confused with the sizing. Is the one you bought the $100 one? The gold mini for $595 sounds reasonable but the 12mm is $825. I'm just afraid that if and when I order might be smaller than I had in mind.
  4. Btw congrats to u both. Looks very lovely
  5. If I am correct, ame got the 9mm!
  6. Dpat and ame, do you mind sharing the price you paid? On the website the 9mm Sterling is $100 but on a 16" chain. Then 18mm on 18" for $275 and 20mm on 18" for $325. I think the 12mm must be sold out. Could've sworn I've seen it a few days ago. Ame, did you get your chain lengthened?
  7. My bean, it's the sterling silver 12mm one was $175 online through Tiffany's. I ordered it just this week, Tuesday I think. If you click on the 9mm one, it gives you the option to choose 12mm or 14mm from a drop-down. That may be why it looks sold out, it just isn't listed separately.
  8. ame - love your mini 9mm silver bean. Enjoy! If you wouldn't mind sharing price, I'd greatly appreciate it. I might buy one soon. Thanks!
  9. I didn't want anyhting bigger than the 9mm. I knew if I didn't like it on I wouldn't get anything.


    I paid $135, because I had the chain lengthened to 18"
  10. It looks so great on you! I tried a 9mm RG bean on yesterday and it looked teensy on me so I didn't get it. I always love it in pictures though so it makes me second guess myself all the time. Your hair is a gorgeous color BTW.
  11. Thank you :smile:
  12. Yes Ame I love your red! That was the color I did my hair for years until I switched to black. I loved my intense red, but it always faded a bit after a couple of weeks. Are you able to maintain it better than I did? :smile:
    Oh and I bought the black jade 12mm bean today. I used to have it in silver, but got rid of it because I felt like having 2 sterling silver beans was a bit redundant. I will take pics when I get home!
  13. I can't wait to see!

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  14. Woohoo!

    I do my roots every 10-14 days like clockwork. If I can see root, that's not acceptable, but if someone else could see root, EVERYTHING is dropped for a touchup. :lol:

    I don't put dye in the ends, I use colored conditioners to stain from about 1" from root down. Usually 3 times a "cycle".
  15. Can't wait to see! I was totally unaware that there was black jade. Sounds great!