The PS11 : the Box Bag by Proenza Schouler

  1. It doesn't come in gray. That's the black one, but the lighting makes it look much paler.
  2. Such a lovely, structured bag.
  3. How do you know?
  4. It definitely looks gray to me! Maybe it's a new color that hasn't hit the stores yet.
  5. that looks like grey in the pic but as far as i know it does not come in grey nor was a sample ever made in grey so it might very possibly be a black bag with strange lighting...?
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    They lighting surely is off, if it's a black. :-O

    I was hoping it was a grey. Damn.
  7. love this bag
  8. I just got this email update from KirnaZabete, love the kelly green :heart:

  9. That green is gorgeous, mmmmm:smile:
  10. Here's another picture of the green from polyvore!
    It seems like the green is already sold out on the KirnaZabete website, sadly! And I can't find it anywhere else online!
  11. I'm really hoping they make the PS11 in that light grey, it's absolutely beautiful.
  12. OMG......
    "Introducing the PS11 Mini Classic, available for Fall 2011:"

    "It's larger than the clutch and smaller than the classic PS11."
  13. That is gorgeous! Do you think the standard PS11 will come in that colour?
  14. I don't think so.

    I asked PS on Twitter if the grey PS11 will be available and this was their reply:
    "@Denise_V The mini will be available in our classic black and saddle, as well as tangerine and burgundy."
  15. What is the price for the PS11?