The PS11 : the Box Bag by Proenza Schouler

  1. chloegal - Congrats!! Great pics!


    Luisaviaroma has some PS11 and other new bags for preorder now!



    PS11-python.jpg lizard-mesh-top-handle.jpg lizard-mesh-top-handle2.jpg
  2. Mary Kate and her Proenza Schouler PS11:
  3. *sigh* the bag is gorgeous! i wish i had as much money as mary-kate to buy all the amazing bags i want! :love:
  4. Can anyone take pictures of the inside? Are there compartments like in the Celine Box? Or is it just open? TIA!!
  5. my black one is already a classic in my wardrobe! i love it!
  6. I may have to rethink buying a Bal Work, and look into the PS11 more seriously!!!
  7. [​IMG]

    Really cute bag.
  8. I really like this at first glance and from far away. But the placement of the two square hardware things seem different/wonky on every single bag I've seen. It makes the bag look kind of kitschy/cheap.
    But something about it is like the more charming, upgraded version of PS1. I have a huge lemming for this in the black snakeskin but not sure if it's worth it!
  9. If it's desireable, an Olsen has it....
  10. it's a good alternative to Celine's box bag...the hardware is the major appeal for me for this bag....luckily I am safe, a guy can't pull this bag off no matter how fashionable he is...
  11. So GORGEOUS!!! I am thinking of getting one too but I'm confused about the coloring - on Luisaviaroma it looks more tan but on Barneys it looks more Oxblood/Dark Brown. Could you clarify? Thanks!

  12. Did Anyone ever find the pic of the Ps11 in grey? I would love to see it
  13. This is one of the bags I really want also!! But I just bought two celine bags (on sale, Thabk God!) Still, I want a box bag, but they are all so $$$$$!

    Does this one come in different sizes? Does anyone know how it holds up? I have heard the Celine box bags can scratch easily.
  14. ^It's just one size for the PS11 shoulder bag and a PS11 Clutch at MrsH