The positive side on tPF just showed it´s beautiful face

  1. This is not really a RAOK thingy so I can´t post it on that thread, but it was random and kind! The lovely Cal said in a thread that she has 2 copies of the newest Hermés Le Monde mag and that she would give the other to a PF´er. I pm´d her because I love these things and she sent me the magazine full of stunning pictures and a catalogue that has gorgeous pictures of silk scarfs and shawls. I want to thank Cal so much, you rock:yahoo:!
    Kuva 1290.jpg
  2. So nice to hear that :yahoo:
  3. Awww...that's awesome...tPF love all around!
  4. Very nice thing to do.. Enjoy your catalogs Nola
  5. See what I mean? I think these ladies are the BEST!!!!!
  6. Cal does rock! I was lucky to be her RAOK recipient.
    Congratulations, Nola.
  7. Cal rocks! That is just so sweet!
  8. Very nice gesture!

    You ladies are amazing!~
  9. So nice to hear this, Cal is a sweet lady !
    Enjoy your new mags !
  10. How fun, Nola!!!

    Cal sent me the most amazing box of goodies...she is fabulous!!!

    And yesterday...received some sweet treats from Rose!!! Thank you!!!

    Love the H sisterhood.......... : )
  11. yup...we're a pretty good bunch - that was very cool of Cal!
  12. Props to Cal!!!
  13. Cal, so sweet.
  14. That is so great!!

    Enjoy the catalogue!
  15. That's so nice to hear! Very sweet.