The Official Prince William & Catherine (Kate) Thread


Apr 21, 2006
Pacific Northwest
I don't like some of what she wears but I think they both look appropriate for whatever circumstances they are attending. When I looked at their tour plans a lot of them look far away from big cities so it would be strange if they were dressed more formally. I'll admit I barely look at how William dresses and only really care about Kate and if they look like a good match together, which I think they do well.
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Feb 12, 2012
Wheaton, IL
I think she looks great. She doesn't look too thin or frail, but I think her height makes her look even slimmer. I'm in the minority, but I don't see the problem with her choice in shoes. They aren't glam or trendsetting, but they're always appropriate and probably comfortable. I can't imagine the Duchess wearing Rockstuds or something!
I'm with you. I think the shoes are fine and it would be kind of silly if she tried to wear anything much more glamorous than that.

But then I'm the same way in that I will wear the same shoes day in and day out because they're comfortable and they don't look too bad and...
I just don't care that much about shoes.

I do think she's just a smidge too thin. Like 5-10 pounds would be better, but she does look so fabulous in all her clothes at that weight.
I think it's probably natural to err on the side of being a little too thin when you know you'll be constantly photographed from every conceivable angle.


Butterfly Wrangler
Oct 20, 2006
That cardigan is cute. ID?

I think she looks fine. She stays safe, but I think she has to. I just had a bunch of events to go to and I went for the nude pumps and so I can't hate on them. Sorry @tweegy
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Jul 14, 2016
The gray jacket is very nice! Kate's been looking really good this tour. Where are the royal babies at?! I want to see more of Princess Charlotte!
By the way, the price tags on Kate's items of clothing makes my eyes water LOL


Sep 22, 2007
Looks great in red! The shoes do not work. I like the heel - something fresh for her.The color doesn't work well with the red. And, what is that detail across the front? What the heck kinda advice is her "stylist" giving her?