The Official Hayden Harnett and Team Discussion Thread!

  1. GREAT NEWS! Our new Campos Carryall is being featured on the CBS Morning Show RIGHT NOW by stylist Amy Goodman for their 'Made in the USA' Holiday Gifting Segment
  2. Hi Sally,
    The 50% off codes are to be used on your next order. If you wanted to use it on the order you're going to place after your next order, I think that would be fine.

  3. Okay - great - thanks so much. I was just wanting to get one of the new ramone cuffs before the colour I want goes out of stock. But am hoping to use the code on some of the new fab things Toni has talked about (pomps or nackie or trophy).
  4. Hi Toni - does the Totally Turnlocks Line have gold or silver Hardware? I can't tell. Thanks!
  5. I vote for Lime! :tup::happydance:
  6. Flyby post. Trophy full size or satchel in Lime! Perfect for sunnier climes! Swoon over the Nackie satchel. Good to see you Toni and Ben! More carryalls in patent please. I'd die for one in that gorgeous bitter Lime patent. I'd love to see some barrel cases in the new HH siggy feather print. :cloud9: about everything. HH renaissance better than ever. I'm so HHappy! :drinkup::yahoo:
  7. Hi Toni,
    do you see any metallics coming up for Spring?

    (image from Novella from an old sample HH thread)

    I looooooove this leather; the pale pink is just perfect and I love how it has a soft pearly sheen instead of being super blingy. Do you have access to it still? I wish I would have been able to buy that sample!

    I'd seriously love the Nackie satchel in this leather, or even the Milton.
  8. Either would be amazing but I have a thing for the Nude!
  9. Of course you do!!:graucho: This is pae we're talking about!!:biggrin:

    I really like the Nude color too, but that Lime is the bomb! It give me a bit of a vibe of the Fir!!(which I love!!:love:)
  10. I'll register a vote for Lime, but unfortunately I'm "over" the Trophy design... lived with my black one for so long, and then the Yam Shine... :biggrin: I'd love to see both vintage patents in another bag. I think for me, the design on the front just finally got old. (Ducks head!)

    However, I'm dying to see the Pomps, and whatever else makes it in those leathers. Hello Nude Lorca!!:drool: Or a tweaked Sloane (boxier satchel shape)... Or.... SHUT. the front. DOOR. A LIME THARPE. :faint:

    PS... That's not fair :biggrin: There's reprising beloved designs, and then there's getting stuck in the past. I really like the simple lines of the Cargo designs, and think they'd look gorgeous in the patents--a bit of pop.
  11. Kinda feel the same about the Trophy. And a Pomp(and Pilot) in Lime and Nude. Yeeeeessssss!!!:yes::yes:

    And crap, I'd slam the front door for a Lime Tharpe!!:woot:
  12. Rethinking a bit. Trophy is a wee bit too big for me but the Trophy satchel doesn't have the curves that give it the particular look that pleases me.

    I'd love some sort of new twist on any HH classic satchel that is practical with a zip top and extra turnlock flap type closure, rounded handles, inner compartments galore, outside back zipper compartment, and possibly a front pocket (open or hidden zipper if possible). Something more structured than the Gaza but with more "outside stuff" and details than the Emile Bowler tote.

    I :heart: the Tharpe but it doesn't love me. I do like the Nackie satchel but I want something with a bit more structure than that without being boxy. I'm thinking of the Pallenburgh (sp) but less heavy to carry than my Saffron/Pumpkin one. Maybe with a lighter weight leather and a less hefty lining than the PM plaid I share with the DDs.

    Loving the Nude and the Lime colors especially if they're in patent. I'm moving away from black black and more black and darks, into a neutrals and "off" colors which is why I :love: that Lime. I'm still not too fond of big bags in screaming bright. Swooon..color blocking in brown and black would fit into my wardrobe with no problem no matter which climate I'm situated at any particular time.

    I was taking a break from papers/exams/essays and tiptoed in here to see what was doing on this thread. Now I'm tip toeing out.
  13. Ah I remember this leather. Toni told me it was called Rose Quartz and it was even lovelier in person. I'd love to have this in a small accessory. :girlsigh:
  14. So happy to hear that more Trophy bags are on the way! I'd love either color--Nude or Lime, but the Lime sounds especially delicious.
  15. I'm with gingeybear. I love my barrel case and would love one in the feather print.