The Office Of Angela Scott?

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  1. I wore out my Mr. Hammond slip ons. Need another pair. Can walk all day in them with zero issues.

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  2. I just stumbled across these on Instagram and they are beautiful! Would you all say the fit is true to size?
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  3. Do you have a normal width or slightly narrow or wide?

    I find them very true to size but they do have too different “lasts” that the shoes are built on. I get the shoes with the Rock last which is a wider than their Austin last. I will probably size up if/when I buy an Austin last shoe. They have a great fit guide online and you can email them and they’ll help you out with sizing.
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  4. I love the styles! I saw the Instagram and FB ads. Definitely not looking to add more shoes to my collection now (I know, right?!) but I can't get over how utterly gorgeous everything is!
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  5. I am a solid 10 USA sizing but have had to order 41 in rounded toe and 42 in pointed toe. They are very helpful with sizing, in both shoe descriptions and in Chat.
  6. Ooh. Thank you for posting this. I'm a solid 9.5 US, but a 40 Euro. I'll hit them up in chat. I've been eyeing Angela Scott shoes for a couple of months (thanks, Instagram).
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  7. I wanted so badly that western style bootie in gold it is a limited edition. As a solid US 10, the 41 did not fit (sob!). Got the black in 42 length is fine, need a little work on my right foot which is wider and longer.
  8. My new Scott’s! IMG_3748.JPG
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