The Office Of Angela Scott?

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  1. Oh my goodness, has anyone seen this site? Gorgeous, handmade shoes that can actually be worn all day (no pumps, sorry). I have 2 pairs and have already ordered a third. Yes, the prices are breathtaking, but when you see them, you'll know exactly why...
  2. Great seeing new designers. Any pics to share of your collection?
  3. Mr Harrison black combat boots please !:cool::heart:
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  4. Right up my street! Thanks for posting :flowers:
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  5. I'll see what I can pull together - but not modeling pics yet - warm here in CA - umm swollen feet, hard to pull on and buckle some (yeah I wear combat boots at almost 63 lol)
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  6. Hi folks not great pics, didn’t get Mr. Bernard’s toe completely in frame. And Mr. Logan. Both size 41. I’m a pretty solid US size 10. And Mr. Dezi in the background wouldn’t get out of the way. Later in the year perhaps modeling pics. They are so incredibly hand-made, attention to detail. Site says can be resoled for many years of pleasure!

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  7. Oh want to mention, for the oxfords, I worked up a bit of a sweat trying to buckle up into the loosest hole. I have a somewhat high arch and was trying them with a medium sock, not thick and not trouser sock. This may loosen up over time...just wanted to add this thought.
  8. You can right away tell these are signature shoes. Nice balance between design and wearability. The black is perfect backdrop to the hw, and love the thick laces!
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  9. I'll never give up my combat boots! Fortunately combat boots look good at any age :biggrin:
    Fabulous shoes, and the handsome pooch sets them off nicely!
    Thanks so much for posting pics. They look amazing. Awesome leather, and I love the beautiful and practical ankle zip on the combat boots.
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  10. What beautiful shoes! Would love to see modeling shots and hear how they break in.

    But of course Mr. Dezi is my favorite part of the pictures.

    Thank you for the link, Chessmount! I see their cool sneakers are mostly sold out. Will have to keep watching.
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  11. thanks for sharing.
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  12. Aww my Dezi, thank you! He is a 10 year old Chart Polski, a breed of dog from Poland and Ukraine. I have had the breed for 23 years- he is the great grandson of my first boy!
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  13. I had to Google "Chart Polski." What an interesting breed! They sound like a lot of fun. A greyhound with an extra kick of spirit and spunk. What is it that makes you prefer them over ordinary greyhounds? Are there breeders in the U.S. or do you need to travel to Europe? Sorry to derail this but as a hound lover I just have to ask.

    He is certainly a handsome boy! :love:
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    extra kick of spunk and spirit is an an ad agency's way of putting it! Quite intuitive, though. Long story, better left for Pm but is was somewhat unintentional, my involvement. Long, long story. Very strong physically, very strong-willed, very guardy, very stubborn, not for inexperienced dog owners not of the watchdog kind. Happy to PM with you! Fun, after you go through sometimes (not always, though) hell. NOT at all like greyhounds! I am one of 2 breeders in the US.
  15. I have a couple of pairs and posted a thread in here with them. I adore them and I have no desire to wear any other shoes! So comfy and stylish. The Mr. Logan’s are on my wish list but so are many others!
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