The Montaigne Alliance!!!!!

  1. Doesn't that sound important? LOL!!!

    Okay so here's mine: (excuse the pj's)


    Show us all your Montaigne's!!!
  2. I :heart::heart::heart::heart: that bag!
  3. I'm IN! Here's my basic black bag!
    TPF13.jpg tpf55.jpg TPF40.jpg
  4. I'm in too with my Montaigne Clutch in Grenade!!!


    My Montaigne Clutch alongside my Pomme Zippy.

  5. I am excited to join this alliance! Introducing my montaigne GM.

  6. BUMP! Anyone?
  7. Here's my Epi black Montaigne clutch... Love it!

    I'm getting the long strap to go with it so I can carry it across my shoulder, can't wait...

    Epi Black Montaigne.jpg
  8. This is one small alliance. lol. I am happy that we are an exclusive group. ;)
  9. this one is amazing!
  10. All gorgeous bags!

  11. Beautiful ZIPPY!!!! :nuts:
  12. There are way too few pics in this club, where is everyone? ;)

    Anyway, I'm so happy I can finally join this club. I've always wanted this in ivory, but thought black might be easier to wear and care for...


  13. Such a long time with out a new member - here I am though I wanted to join 5 years ago
    image-1212042251.jpg image-568738748.jpg
  14. Looks like new members are trickling in every few years! :lol:

    Here's my PM in cassis: