the Angelina and Brad Pitt thread!

  1. I still can't help but think that some of that was more for show and less genuine affection -- just my opinion!
  2. Ladies....honestly....all this stress? This is only Angelina & Brad we're talking about!

    Personally, I'm not surprised that they were so affectionate. I mean, they only see one another a handful of times a year due to their busy schedules, yes? So I suppose those precious hours at the Globes is prime time LOL
  3. I think this is a bunch of garbage. It just takes to much time and effort to do all of the above.
  4. ^ Oh, well said Ladybug! : )
  5. Love Angelina and Brad! Love them and their PDA, just love them period. Gorgeous!
  6. Thank you ever so much! :smile:

  7. :lol: I love that!

    No problem WO! :smile:

  8. Ditto!
  9. I agree. I bet they don't even talk about Jen. Angie has always been affectionate with her spouses Brad isn't an exception. They looked very much in love and the camera would always go back on them :smile:
  10. I know this is the sort of speculation that will get you flamed in most quarters, but :shrugs: it wouldn't surprise me if there were a grain of truth to it, and it wouldn't surprise me if there weren't. Does that make sense at all? I doubt Ang and Jen will ever be besties - who really cares to be overly kind to the woman that your ex cheated on you with, you know? That said, I think the "Jen v. Angie" drama has been greatly exaggerated by the media because it sells. I think both of them are very saavy, very busy, very preoccupied women with careers and relationships and lives to live ... and they're both doing so fabulously and looking amazing in the process. They didn't get to where they are by wasting massive amounts of time and energy on things that aren't productive, and there was never anything that would be less productive than this ridiculous "feud" that the media seems to want to exist. I'd imagine Jen is busy with her new boyfriends and booming career and would rather not having to deal with Angie ... and I don't blame her. I'd imagine Angie is so busy with her kids, her career, her husband and her health that she doesn't have time to even think about Jen and I don't blame her. Jen's shown up where they were before and handled the awkwardness like an absolute pro, and I'm sure she would have done so again had she felt it was in her career's best interest. These are not fragile little emotional flowers, y'all - they're both where they are because they have spines of steel and a strong sense of professionalism. If being a successful actress and two of the most beautiful, wealthy women in the world in your late 30s-40s were easy, we'd all be doing it. We're not and they are because they're both pretty tough cookies who have bigger fish to fry than this petty stuff.
  11. a shamwow though? :lol:
  12. :lolots::lolots: I didn't even see that! :nuts:
  13. YES!!!

    I can't believe you even asked such a question!
  14. Then I am BUYING!!
  15. ;)