Tag Heuer F1 Ceramic or Michele Tahitian Ceramic Watch?

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Which of the two watches would you choose?

  1. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Diamond Ceramic Watch

  2. Michele Tahitian Diamond Ceramic Watch

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Tag with Diamonds!
  2. Tag with no bling.
  3. the bling definitely. i really like the amount of bling on the watch, just enough to add sparkle, not too much to be too blingy. i'm an anomaly, i don't like overly blinged out stuff
  4. I've been looking at the one without the diamonds, I want a ceramic watch, do they break easily??

    I have the F1 glamour diamonds in black and pink and love them. This one works best casual without diamonds I think. The Michele is too busy.
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    Here's what the report said about TAG ceramic material - http://www.extravaganzi.com/tag-heuer-f1-lady-ceramic-watches-will-be-officially-unveiled-at-baselworld-2010/

    TAG Heuer F1 Lady Series Watches with Ceramic Bezel
    New TAG Heuer F1 Lady series watches with ceramic bezel and bracelet components will be officially unveiled at Baselworld 2010. This is TAG Heuer’s first foray into the use of ceramic in its bezels and bracelets. Ceramic is a multisensory material, soft and warm yet unalterable: like a diamond, it cannot be scratched. Strong and exquisite, it is especially appealing to women. Combined with stainless steel, it creates a sublime bracelet with butterfly clasp — perfect for the most delicate wrist.
  6. Thanks for that ^ my jeweller insisted that they don't yellow or discolour, but are breakable, I'm just curious as to how easily it will happen. I'm pretty careful with my things but accidents/drops do happen I guess. I think I'll go ahead and get the white one without diamonds. Out of curiousity how much does they plain one sell for in the US?
  7. The one without the diamonds, retails for $1200, with diamonds $1700. :smile:
  8. Tag with bling:biggrin:
  9. Diamonds, definitely! Good luck with your decision!
  10. I love no bling, what is the price difference then?
  11. Only $500 difference, which is not bad considering they are made of real diamonds and not crystals. Below is the detailed description from Nordstrom.com:

    Sixty radiant diamonds illuminate a stick-index dial overlaid with sapphire crystal. The classic bracelet band combines polished stainless steel with ceramic for a stunning finish.
    • Butterfly clasp closure.
    • Approx. case diameter: 37mm.
    • Total diamond weight: 0.35ct.
    • Color: G.
    • Clarity: I.
    • Water-resistant to 20 ATM (200 meters).
    • Stainless steel/ceramic/diamonds.
    • By TAG Heuer; imported.
  12. I would go with the bling version as the diamonds are not outrageously "loud" but rather subtle around the bezel and helps compliment the watch.
  13. Tag, no bling is my vote!
  14. whichever you select, make sure from authorized dealer and don't be afraid to ask if any wiggle room on price, most jewelers will take 20% off if asked but seldom offer unless asked.
  15. You're absolute right! I went to Jared and they offered me a discount....without even asking. :yahoo: