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Sep 6, 2017
Just had a lengthy chat with my SA. Only leather & RTW will be open for preorders. This new system is confusing as heck but I’m gave my SA wishlist and hope she comes through.

Canada: Pink NF is $3050. Not happy the price went up 15% from last year but I’m still getting it :rolleyes:

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Picked up the Blade Clutch in silver at 5th ave. Stunning in person. Was really torn between the green.

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Stunning -- congratulations on this gorgeous piece! More and more, I like the interplay of silver and gold, and I love how the lock looks with this.

You picked the far better color, imho. I love silvers and grays. And I love, love epi in silver -- like LV's discontinued anthracite. I hope I can withstand the temptation of this one.
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