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Mar 16, 2007
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I finally got the notification that my purse arrived at the store! Well, I decided to be an adult and return the Bandeaus and the wallet so that I can keep both purses. ( compromise, right?) I went to the store, waited in line for like 20 minutes. Then finally, I saw the Speedy! It was beautiful. However, when I looked over it, the canvas front and back were wavy, the print on the side didn't match up (it was off by 0.125" in the vertical direction) and worse of all, the leather edging was cut! There was a tear in the leather trim. It. was. damaged. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I REALLY REALLY WANTED IT. So being the adult that I am, I left the speedy behind at least I had the neverfull to comfort me at home.

I really am in shock at the quality control at LV. For the price we are paying, you would think they would have caught these issues before selling them. It really grinds my gears as I have been in manufacturing for most of my life and you would have expected there will be no issues with the purses and everything will be puppies and rainbows as LV is a luxury brand.
Unfortunately this is going to happen now that I believe production is over for the BTP collection. It has been my experience when I try to buy limited pieces after all the "first quality" are taken, all that is left are returns and flaws that LV hopes no one will notice.

You were smart to go to the store to inspect- this is not when I would charge-send a BTP item. Sorry the speedy was not perfect as it should be. At least you have the NF. Sadly, someone desperate for the BTP speedy will overlook the flaws just to have it. LV is not the only luxury brand to do this. I have had it happen with Hermes charge-sending me "shop-worn" shawls and CDC bracelets.


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Sep 25, 2006
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Can I ask where you got the chains from? I love how they look on the bags!
Sure !! Here's the White chunky chain :

And here's the translucent pink chain :