SS 2011 Precollection’s Colour card

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  1. :yahoo: Thanks for sharing!
    Androise looks intriguing, but other than that, I'm safe. Can't wait to see them IRL. :biggrin:
  2. Kawaii-san, Thank you so much! Very interesting!!! hm...looking forward to seeing Ardoise and Anthracite.
  3. Thanks for posting this chart! Looks like I'm in BIG trouble. I NEED:
    1. Ardoise;
    2. Grenadine;
    3. Mimosa; and
    4. Nuage
  4. I amm happy because I think I don't need any of them :smile:
  5. Thank you for sharing! Anthracite is so dark this season it looks like black... Ardoise looks like an interesting color to me, and I'd love to see Militaire with RGGH!
  6. How great to have these samples so soon. Thank you kawaii for posting and Yorkie for enlarging. I wonder how different praline is from the past one.
  7. Vieux Rose looks interesting, almost like a lighter version of Sanguine (which I missed out on).
  8. Thanks for posting this!
    It's early days yet for me to decide what I might be interested in.
  9. ardoise looks good!! :drool:

  10. There is a lime green at fashionphile right now. I will post in the "finds" thread.
  11. thanks for posting!
  12. Thanks for posting.. hmmm.. nothings catching the eye... well as of yet.. lol
  13. All I can say about Militaire is...


    Obviously I'll need to see more pics, but my #1 wish was for a darker olive green. I had this Kenneth Cole bag a few years ago that I used until it fell apart, and it was a nice dark olive green and I just LOVED it.

    The other upside to this is that I am now not interested in buying anything else (was debating a Black RH City) until I get more intel on these new colors.
  14. Thanks for the post. Ardoise, nuage and mimosa for me... though I'd have to see them first.
  15. Thank you for sharing. I'm intrigued by ardoise and nuage.
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