So much for my "maternity leave" from coach ;)

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  1. Great choices! Congrats on your 3rd baby too!
  2. Congrats and you deserve to treat yourself! Hope all is well! :smile:
  3. #33 Feb 7, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
    My mom came over yesterday (using the desert maggie i gave her once for mother's day!). I gave her the phoebe and she LOVED it!!!! Yay!!!! She said it was "so beautiful & luxurious" lol & that it wasn't necessary. But I just wanted to show her how much I appreciate all of the love & care she always gives our family :smile:
    My daughters were very excited too & kept insisting she model it for them, lol. It looked perfect on her! I should've taken mod shots ;)
    Thanks again everyone for your kind words!
    Oh & ETA: I tried to be creative & surprise her in the way I gave her the gift. I put baby boo in his bassinet in my room & asked her to get him from his crib in the nursery. But instead I put the gift box in the crib under a blanket! It was funny :smile:
  4. Gorgeous bags! Congrats! Love the duffle :smile:
  5. Thanks Emily :smile: duffles are the best!
  6. All three are gorgeous! So thoughtful of you to get one for your mom as well!
  7. Lovely bags - love the colour of the black violet duffle especially! Also glad to hear your mom loved the Phoebe! :smile:

    + congrats on baby #3!