So much for my "maternity leave" from coach ;)

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  1. Prior to having baby #3, I said I was going on a break from handbag shopping; a "maternity leave" of sorts from coach. Well my baby boo is only 2 months old & I've since already purchased 3 bags! (gotta love the convenience of online shopping while nursing, lol). 2 bags are mine & the 3rd is a gift for my mom to thank her for moving in to help out w/ the kids for the past 2 months (I might have lost my mind w/out her! ;))
    I haven't been using my coach handbags as much lately bc I use a diaper bag most days I'm out, but I couldn't pass up on these...

    I was considering a toffee saffiano tote on sale at Macy's, but fellow tpf'r WNYsketch kindly let me know zappos had one for $167! (Thanks friend!)
    Still with tags, but it's a keeper. I love the color. Reminds me of yummy toffee & caramel candies. If I don't need to carry too many baby things, saffiano totes work well.

    Next is my black violet duffle from FOS. I got an awesome deal, 50/20/10, so it was about $125! I wasn't sure about having 2 purple bags, but bv is very different from my uv duffle. And I've always wanted something bv. Such a rich beautiful color!

    This last one is for my mom. It's the brick red twist phoebe (small). It's really pretty, but definitely more her style than mine. I let her borrow my cranberry phoebe recently & she liked carrying it. Part of me is prepared to give her my phoebe in case she doesn't like this twist one. I happily gave her my black cherry Molly last year, so as much I like my cranberry phoebe, I really don't mind letting her keep it too. I love my moms that much :smile:

    Group shot:

    Thanks for looking! I really do need to go back on a break. I'm looking at all the bags in my closet & thinking, when the heck am I using all of these? Overall, I'm very happy w/ everything I currently have in my collection & cant think of anything else I really want... That's my mantra & I'm sticking to it! ;)
  2. Great bags! All three are beautiful. I love that you got one for your mom, too. :smile:

    Twins on the Toffee Saff Tote. I love how rich the toffee color is.
  3. Those are great bags, worth breaking a ban for :smile:
  4. Fabulous bags, babies and mom!
  5. Love your new bags!
    The bv is extra gorgeous!

    I was going to switch to my scarlet phoebe but after seeing your pic, I'm thinking switching to my studded bv duffle instead.

    Congrats on the new bags!

    When are you giving your mom her bag? Can't wait to hear how she liked it!
  6. Great bags! Congratulations on the new baby!
  7. Great bags! I'm jealous on the Toffee Saff....I have been waiting for that bag to be a reasonable price, and so sad I missed out on that deal . I just checked and of course Zappos doesn't have it any longer : - ( . Oh well, the search continues...
  8. Beautiful! And congrats on baby #3! I am currently selling off some of my collection for this very reason. I don't use them all enough and I am trying to downsize, which will include not buying many new bags this year.
  9. Yay!
    So glad you're happy with your new goodies!
    They are all gorgeous and YAY for Mamas!
  10. Thanks ladies! I'm so excited to use bv duffle. I have no where to go today except to pick dd up from school this afternoon but bv duffle might just go w/ me for the car ride.
    My mom is coming over this afternoon so I'll give her the phoebe then. I'll just wrap it up in one of the coach gift boxes I have. I can't wait to see if she likes it!
  11. After baby #3 you deserve something for yourself, one for each child! Congrats on the baby and your bags
  12. So are a great daughter!
  13. Congrats on the newest addition and 3 great bags!! So sweet of you to get your Mom a bag too :smile: I'm sure she will Love it, the color is stunning...
  14. Love all three purses! I too tried to stay away from any new bags since my lil one came along 5 months ago but failed. I'm sitting here right now waiting for my fos.
  15. Everything is beautiful enjoy