So disappointed with my repair.


Aug 15, 2009
I think the repair is terrible and I would be annoyed. And I don’t know if they would have even taken the repair if there was already a hole in the canvas? Definitely bring it back and have it redone. I went to pick up a repair last month which had taken 4 months! To replace two small side tabs on a vintage Trocadero. They replaced the leather but didn’t put any hardware for a strap to attach to. So now waiting again, very frustrating. Hope they can fix everything to your satisfaction.


Jun 4, 2019
I sent my vintage Speedy 30 in to have all the vachetta parts replaced and they did a horrible job, not to mention it came back with a tiny hole under one of the side tabs. I’m so upset, not to mentioned annoyed. I’ve never had a problem with a repair before so I don’t know how they’ll handle this. I’ll be taking the bag in store this week.

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I have a vintage speedy also. Was considering doing the same as you so I inspected my bag really closely for any issues first. I did see a larger hole under my leather side tab (like what you are showing) and I think that hole is just from use over time. You know your bag better than me of course but is it possible that hole was already like that, and just is more noticeable with the change?

I opted just to have a new pull tab done since that had broken off, because it is so pricey to replace everything. Hopefully they can explain/improve!


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Jan 14, 2009
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While I understand that you are upset with the repair there is no need to lash out at other forum members. We are here to listen and offer advice ; we are not the bad guys in this situation. Yes, the repair looks shoddy especially since a full vachetta replacement is expensive. All you can do is go back to the store and hopefully something can be done.
I also see there is no need to lash out at other members who try to offer help or advice. I have been on this forum for 20 years and want to keep this amazing forum to bring people together and help each other, no rudeness here. Please treat each other with respect or this is not the right place for you. Thank you!
Perhaps my sensibilities aren't as delicate as some but in no way did I see the OP lashing out. IMO the post she was responding to was dismissive and in no way supportive or helpful.
Chastising her and suggesting that she has no business posting here unless she meets your approval is far ruder than what she said.


Nov 14, 2017
By no means was I being rude. It was late, I was sleepy and amused at someone telling me they see nothing thing wrong with (in my opinion) a very obvious shoddy repair so I said lol. Didn’t realize that was “rude”
You weren't being rude. I feel like the common response to quality issue threads on this forum is for some snarky member to come back and say "I don't see a problem" to try to belittle you. Your response was commensurate with what was said.


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Jul 29, 2008
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By no means was I being rude. It was late, I was sleepy and amused at someone telling me they see nothing thing wrong with (in my opinion) a very obvious shoddy repair so I said lol. Didn’t realize that was “rude”
I do not think you were being rude in the slightest nor did you deserve the two lectures you received, in my opinion.


Nov 3, 2014
The little hole wasn’t there before I sent it in. Anytime I send anything in for repair I go over the canvas very thoroughly to make sure there are no rips, cracks etc in the canvas. This Speedy is especially well taken care of as it was my mother’s Speedy and she passed it down to me and was my first LV/luxury handbag, so I’ve taken extreme care of the bag as it holds a lot of sentimental value to me.

Also the chaps could have been glued together much tighter. I own 4 other Speedy’s and none of the chaps look like that. We can agree to disagree though. I’m taking the bag in on Tuesday and hopefully we’ll be able to come to some sort of resolution.
FYI: Before LV accepts any item for a repair they examine the item and write down all imperfections, so in other words, if you have a copy of that report (repair order), you can prove that the hole was not there before the repair was done. In case you don't have it, first ask for the report and then tell them about the hole. ;)