Sizing advice for Love rings

Feb 25, 2013
Hi everyone so I’m going to purchase a Cartier love ring online since I don’t have a store near me. I want to wear it on my middle or index finger which is a size 8 or so would I do a 58 or 59?
This is all personal and depends on your finger shape, ringed width, etc. However I normally wear size 8 or 56/57 on my right ring finger, but with the thick Love ring I went for 59 and it fits almost snug when it’s not, a bit loose when cold. I can also wear it on my index finger when cold.

I also wear it with my JUC ring in size 55, and they are perfectly flush and comfortable to wear together.

That said, I think 58 would be a safer bet but bear in mind you may need to exchange for 57 or 59 depending on your finger shape. Good luck!