Silver Or Black Dial Datejust

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  1. Here's a picture of the silver. I feel I have to wear something with it to add a bit of colour while I feel the black is enough on it's own. Also stacking has scratched my watch

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  2. I believe there’s a rhodium dial available now on the 31. That’s darker but honestly, black or darke blue look really sharp on the non-TT watches, especially with diamond markers.
  3. I love this combination on you. I prefer a more masculine look when it comes to darker dial, great with oyster bracelet and smooth bezel.
  4. I vote for whichever one is easier to read--I know I am old but I've had watches that are nice looking but were so hard to see what the heck time it was due the markers and face being nearly the same. And I also vote for no sticks (I love my roman numerals). And I would have gotten diamond markers except it would have made my watch too pricey and blingy, hence the romans.

    Enjoy whatever you choose--you will love your watch!
  5. Black with diamonds.
    The black makes the diamonds pop!
  6. Another vote for the silver. If you do diamond markers they will definitely pop with the black background but I find the tone-on-tone look more classic and will go with everything. That said, both are amazing options so you really can’t go wrong!
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