Silver Or Black Dial Datejust

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  1. Hi girls! I'm in the market for a 31mm DJ. I'm leaning toward a black dial one, but I notice that silver seems to be the most popular choice. I wear mostly platinum jewelry on the hand I'll be wearing this watch. It'll be my only watch for the near future as well. Do you all think black is still a nice, classic choice? If anyone has photos of them wearing a 31mm black dial DJ that would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. A good friend has 31mm DJ in black dial and she’s tan, looks great on her. Best is to compare both side by side and see which one looks better on your skin tone. Personally I find silver rather ‘old/mature’ for my liking.
  3. Here’s a photo of my black dial DJ 31mm:heart:

    Which markers are you planning to get?The diamond markers definitely pop more on the black dial.

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  4. I vote for black dial
    Timeless elegance
  5. Black dial w diamond markers on WGSS not TT. Just like the watch above. I’m considering the same except with a blue dial.
  6. I vote for white. Black is too butch for me and silver sort of blends in.

    White is clean, and pops.
  7. Its either between the diamond markers or the black stick marker dial. Im leaning toward the stick one over the diamond because of cost and because it may be more traditional. But I absolutely love the diamonds too!! Such a hard choice!
  8. I strongly suggest Roman numeral markers to soften the look as stick markers are just too butch with black dial.
  9. Silver dial w/ Roman numerals or diamonds
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  10. Not a fan of stick markers. They seem too masculine. The diamond markers are tiny IRL but sparkly enough and not too blingy for a casual watch. They look awesome on a dark dial.
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  11. This combination is on my short list for next time. Came really close to choosing it last time.
  12. White is my favorite. I don't like the low contrast look of silver in terms of readabiilty. Black is very handsome but again, I like a brighter dial.
  13. Photo credit cogsmark from Rolex owners: what do you have thread

  14. I have the silver 31 DJ and love it. IMG_0558.JPG
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  15. Hey! I had the same colors in mind except my braclet is gold and silver. I ended up choosing silver because I thought I'll get bored of the black but I regret it now. To be honest the silver is a bit dull especiallyif you choose diamond markers as there's no contrast at all. I wish the silver came in a darker shade.

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