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Mar 15, 2020
I just thought I'd share my little happy place after a grueling week at work, it's all thanks to this forum I am able to collect these pieces! :smile:
Top of the shelf - Neverfull MM DE, Neverfull PM Mono
Top level of shelf - Nano Speedy, PA Mono, PA DA, Passport Cover Mono, Clemence Wallet Fuscia, Key Pouch Mono, Victorine Wallet Rose Ballerine
Middle - Pochette Metis Mono, PSM, Neo Noe Noir
Bottom - random boxes, Noe BB in DA

Not pictured: Petit Noe in Mono that I decided to sell (I just like Neo Noe better than it overall), and Multi-Pochette Kaki and Nano Noe (because it's on the way! will arrive soon!)
Thanks for letting me share~!