Showcase Your LV Collection Here! *PHOTOS ONLY*

Mar 15, 2020
I just thought I'd share my little happy place after a grueling week at work, it's all thanks to this forum I am able to collect these pieces! :smile:
Top of the shelf - Neverfull MM DE, Neverfull PM Mono
Top level of shelf - Nano Speedy, PA Mono, PA DA, Passport Cover Mono, Clemence Wallet Fuscia, Key Pouch Mono, Victorine Wallet Rose Ballerine
Middle - Pochette Metis Mono, PSM, Neo Noe Noir
Bottom - random boxes, Noe BB in DA

Not pictured: Petit Noe in Mono that I decided to sell (I just like Neo Noe better than it overall), and Multi-Pochette Kaki and Nano Noe (because it's on the way! will arrive soon!)
Thanks for letting me share~!



Jan 30, 2006
Bay Area, CA
I’ve sold so many pieces through the years because they no longer fit my style. Here’s my current collection and I’m pretty satisfied. Note that this does not include SLGs and jewelry.
(top left to right)
- Empreinte Speedy 25 in Infini
- Bandouliere Speedy 30 in DE
- Monogram Speedy 25
(bottom left to right)
- Empreinte Twinset
- Palm Springs Mini
- Empreinte Pochette Metis