Showcase Your LV Collection Here! *PHOTOS ONLY*


Sep 23, 2014
I just love seeing your beautiful bags and I am always thinking about what beauty to add next [emoji2] Where I live there is no LV store for thousands of miles so I have plenty of time to dream... But here is my collection (nearly, I also own a key pouch in DE) and I love and use them all [emoji813] View attachment 4649417
Such a cute Idea. Just got all my stuff out and I was shocked how much I really got LOL! First time to take a pic of it all (including accessoires). I got:
Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene with Cherry lining (Everyday bag in winter, LOVE it)

Neverfull MM in Monogramme with Pivione Lining (purchased it because I love my DE so much, and I wanted the (to me) most classic NF as well, but with the Fuchsia interior because I am a sucker for that combo)

Delightful MM with Rose Ballerine Lining (my First ever LV bag and my go-to in summer)

Matching Tahitienne bag charm because it just looks to cute on with this bag.

Cluny BB with fuchsia lining and strap (wanted a Monogramme Crossbody and again fell for that colour combo)

And the probably most expensive bag i will ever own: Twist MM in Catogram (total cat Lady, I just had to get a bag from that line and it was just LVOE with this one[emoji76].

Also in the Pic: Mono shawls in Black and beige, Pop Bandeau in Pink and Mono Strap (both to be paired with the Cluny to make even more neutral and to protect the beautiful handle in case of unsecure weather), Essential V bracelet and Logomania bracelet in pink/Cherry 20200126_102658.jpg


Sep 23, 2014
Thought I'd share mine, too.

Actually it was the first time I took all of my goodies out at the same time and was a bit shocked how much it was.

Listed in order of purchase:

Mono Scarf in beige

Essential V Bracelet

Mono Scarf in black

Delightful MM in Damier Azur with Rose Ballerine lining

Tahitienne bag charm

Logomania bracelet in hot pink

Neverfull MM Ebene with Cherry lining

Catogram Twist MM

Neverfull MM in Monogramme with Pivoine lining

Cluny BB with Fuchsia strap and interior

Monogramme shoulder strap (for the Cluny)

Pop bandeau in pink (for the handle of the Cluny and to accessorize the Mono Neverfull)



May 15, 2010
Hello, dear LVoers. Thank you for sharing your wonderful collections.
The lock-down time is perfect to calmly look at all the beauties in my wardrobe.
My LV collection isn't extensive, though I've started it more than 10 years ago. I'd say, i choose with no rush and always try to think if it will be a timeless piece. The only one i've sold so far was a limited Fersen Dentelle purse. Also, i didn't picture my textile: a shawl, a bandeau and a cotton scarf.

Here you go:
  • Black Epi Croisette (hope this is the correct name) -- I don't wear it for a while but was a great business bag to me. Keeping it for the cases when I need to go to meetings again
  • Amazon Crossbody -- a pre-loved piece from a wonderful Tokyo vintage shop (a present from my husband)
  • Tournelle PM -- my perfect work bag, I love everything about it, especially the huge external pocket
  • Classic Speedy 30 in DE -- my dream bag, being over 10 years old it's in perfect condition
  • Pallas clutch (Mono + black leather) -- I posted a lot about it in this forum, i had some quality issues. But still love its functionality
  • Toiletry Pouch 15 -- quickly turned into my favorite pouch, holds more than a mini pochette
  • Mini Pochette -- I simply love it. Fits most of my small bags and holds a punch
  • Pochette Kirigami -- Was hard to find at the times I was looking for it, so found it in Seoul. Love it. Still trying to invent how to use the medium one
  • Rosalie Coin Purse -- I was looking to have a compact wallet, but couldn't choose for a while. Then my husband presented me with this cutie. It's more than i wanted from a small wallet -- my perfect travel companion.
  • Cosmetic Pouch in DE -- bought shortly after the Speedy, looks great, love its functionality and washable interior (saved my life a couple of times)
  • Key Pouch in Mono -- this is where my keys live
  • Card holder in Mono -- Love it, though can't say it's the best cardholder. A bit stiff to me and only has 2 card slots and a middle pocket
  • Sunglasses case pm -- surprisingly fits my beloved sunglasses
  • Round coin purse -- unlike many, I use it as my mini-medicine pouch. Holds a ton.

I am still looking to get some large tote from LV -- love the old Delightful PM or maybe Neverful MM in DE. Also thinking of Alma BB in epi or DE. Not in the nearest future though.