Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

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  1. Great Collection
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  2. Hi everyone. I would like to buy the medium heart tag charm. My wrist is 5.5inches. Do i get the 7inch or 7.5inch bracelet? I usually get the medium size in the small bead bracelets but the medium in the heart tag bracelet is a 7.5inches. I know that chunky chains take up more arm room, but what does everything think? Thanks inadvance.
  3. It is a difficult question. I think their bracelet sizing may vary. I have a size L bracelet (7.5" wrist - bead bracelet with the small beads and a charm) and I have also seen some M in the past or XL currently fitting 7.5" wrist. Because of this I am just not sure what to say because I have been confused, too!
  4. I usually buy online cos' the closet shop is hundreds of miles away. I am guessing i should buy it in medium since my bead bracelet is medium, but i think small maybe better. I wish i could try it on. When i called them to get advice last year, they said i needed a small bead bracelet. I opted for medium which sits much better. My friend has a small and i tried hers on.
  5. My 'others' Tiffany collection. Diamond collection on p.579

    Silver bangle with 2 small diamonds
    Heart toggle necklace
    Pearl and silver infinity necklace
    Pearl earrings
    18k wave earrings

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    My very first jewelery from Tiffany. Lynn earrings. My husband totally surprised me with this purchase. I have been searching for decent and elegant looking studs for a while. I love them.

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  7. Beautiful! Would love to see a picture of them on!
  8. 6D32719D-29F9-4EDF-8DAC-0E79B9E7405D.jpeg
    my soleste oval
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  9. Can anyone of you measure the size of your beads if you own a bracelet like this please? I measured mine and it's 3mm only, not 4mm as stated on the website. Plus, I wore it for 2 weeks only and it started tarnishing already. I'm so paranoid

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  10. Are you sure it's only 3mm? Mine looks the same and I have 4 of them. However i wear mine all the time and they haven't tarnished. Yours looks fine apart from the tarnishing. My tiffany necklace and earrings tarnish quickly.
  11. Gorgeous! I want to get the same one. Can i ask about your sizing? What size wrist and what size bracelet did you go for? X
  12. I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared my Atlas Square pendant, but I’ve worn it for 3 days straight. That is rare for me so I decided to take a pic! E182B0FE-B073-40D8-B264-DD2036F4CDEF.jpeg
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  13. This is beautiful MahoganyQT ! This would be my signature piece, everyday, all day ! Speaking of rare... Thank you for making a celebrity guest appearance on PurseForum.
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  14. My pleasure! I’ve been around, but I’ve been spending more time in the handbag forums lately.
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  15. Honored... and lucky for the handbag forum for having the great fortune of your presence,
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