Show Us Your Kate Spade Bags!

  1. Yes, most of Kate Spade's items are now made in China. Love your Quinn, it's super cute for the winter!
  2. My first Kate Spade bag! Does anyone know the style name of this pretty babe? I got her at the Kate Spade outlet at the new Paragon Outlets in Livermore.


    More pictures over at the blog but to describe it as best I can, it's a shoulder bag with a leopard calf hair (maybe?) flap. Mom and I were the only one who liked this bag, everyone else was going crazy over everything else in the tiny store.
  3. Great choice! Saw it yesterday. It is calf hair,but I don't recall name of bag.
    I love Kate Spade designs...
  4. maybe i'm wrong but i think i was in the line right behind your mom that day! how funny...i almost purchased that bag the day before and saw that other people were interested in it, too!

    anyway, great choice! :smile:

  5. I was able to get this brushstroke clutch for $149 during the Cyber Monday sale. Here I am wearing it with the Kate Spade Jolie skirt.
  6. that outfit and clutch looks amazing, congrats!

  7. tre jolie! :smile:
  8. Beautiful! Can you do a modeling shot of this bag? I am really interested in seeing the color on. TIA!:smile:
  9. It's packed away for the season. I'll try to dig it out over the weekend.
    It's really pretty.
  10. Oh thanks! I bit the bullet and just purchased one today! I kept coming back to it and decided I had to have it.
  11. Quinn after a day of shoppin

  12. That is gorgeous. I love it!
  13. such a cute picture. love the scarf too!
  14. thank you, Winthrop and newsophialover :hugs:
  15. Pretty! Love pink. Congrats!