Show Us Your Kate Spade Bags!

  1. I couldn't help but notice that a lot of people are trying to get a Kate Spade sub-forum started. The best way to do that is, not only to ask (make your wishes known here, but to have several threads about the brand that are active and current.

    So for all you Kate Spade fans and owners out there. . . . . SHOW US YOUR KATE SPADE BAGS!:tup:
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  3. Bump since I want to see some Kate Spade! I don't have any yet but I like the brand & hope to get one this year sometime :smile:
  4. I don't know the name of this but it's a small nylon bag.


    Here's my card case.

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  5. I will definitely join this thread. I am currently abroad, I will post pictures of my KS bags when I come back. In the meantime, I would love to see pictures of KS bags that you ladies own and especially modelling pictures.
  6. I only have one Kate Spade bag (clutch) at the moment, but I definitely am planning to add more.. :graucho:

    One of my favorite bags:

    ~Kate Spade Flamingo clutch~
    ksflamingoclutch.JPG ksflamingoclutch2.JPG ksflamingoclutchback.JPG ksflamingoclutchinside.JPG
  7. Kate Spade bags makes me happy by just looking at them. I would love to see a Kate Spade sub-forum here.
  8. Here are my two recent KS purchases that just arrived today!

    Opening the box: (I always hate having to break the sticker seal! It's so pretty!)

    Taking a peek inside:

    First item:

    A Tudor City Holly in Green!

    Second item:

    The small manuela opened up:
  9. Hi there!!!

    Here is a photo of my beloved Kate Spade limited edition Iconoclast.. Sorry for the poor quality- Just used my phone for a quick shot!

  10. My Kate collection. It's odd but I tend to gravitate towards the non-leather KS bags for some reason. Only 2 of my bags are leather. The small black one in front and my newest one which isn't pictured.

    THe small quilted bag in the back/center is my first luxury bag, bought in 2003. One of the chief reasons i HAD to have it is the pink suede lining :smile:

    If anyone wants closeup shots of any of these, just ask (quote this msg so I find it).
    3. Kate spade.JPG
  11. Here is my newest bag, Fall 2011 Algonquin Harlow in magenta suede. This bag also came in a Gray version.

    I saw it in the store at full price and LOVED it, but i had to wait until the price dropped at the recent online sample sale. I am still worried the suede will dirty quickly (even with protectant) so I had to get a steal on it.

    It has 3 compartments inside as shown.
    IMG_1616.JPG IMG_1617.JPG IMG_1622.JPG
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  12. [​IMG]
    My KS dot doel maddie in cranberry.
    I believe I got it in 2004. My first designer bag!
  13. I am too lazy to actually take it out of the dust bag and take a picture, so I found one on facebook that had a somewhat clear shot.
    The name of the bag is the Kate Spade Classic Noel Thomas Crossbody. I got it in November 2010 for my trip to Europe and needed a small cross-body to keep things close to my body. Unfortunately, my wallet does not fit into this bag :sad:

    I had originally bought a Coach Cross-body and then I saw this one so we went and returned the Coach one and got this one instead.
    I love this bag!
  14. I'm a long time Kate Spade fan, so most of KS bags are older (but well loved).

    My favorite: Boarskin Eleni in Pink

    Highlands Tweed Kitten in Black


    Large Amanda's in Paisley and Black with Snake



    Alexa in Nylon and Pink Snake


    And my newest... Gold Coast Corinne in Black


    Stock pic because I can't seem to get a good one:

  15. Does anyone have a cashew Maryanne? I'm seriously jonesing for one and I'd love some modeling pics to drool over.