Show Us Your Kate Spade Bags!


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Dec 4, 2020
My new Kate Spade medium Margaux in the green bean color. I love this pop of color bag! The photo doesn’t do it justice as it looks more like a grass green in person. A very rich classic green. They don’t sell this color wallet on the website yet but they do other colors. I had to get my green bean wallet from Macy’s. The strap is adjustable. It’s a great summer bag. Makes me happy. View attachment 4783080 View attachment 4783081
I love this colour, I have the medium Margaux in a beige colour. I'm looking to invest in a large Margaux but they don't do the large in the green bean colour .

If anyone has the large and medium can you please upload a picture, I really want to see the size difference. Our shops are closed so I can't go in and see it in person , thanks x
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