Show me your moonstone jewellery xo

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  1. What a beautiful find!
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  2. This is the moonstone bracelet that I've had for a few years. I don't wear it too often but it's elasticated so it's very easy to put on & take off :smile:

  3. Very pretty!
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  4. Thank you! I fell in love with it at first sight and have had a thing for moonstones ever since.
  5. I collect crosses and have one that is similar to yours but made with coral stones. Your moonstone version is so pretty!
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  6. Gorgeous & unique ring! What a find!!
  7. Thank you!
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  8. Thank you! I have several crosses, myself and I love wearing them. They mostly are in silver and turquoise, though.
  9. Thank you all, very breathtaking. Have seen a few sites online and looking in the hippy shops! X
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  10. I love moonstone. My boyfriend buys me it from time to time. He bought me a new ring recently.

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  11. DA66109E-599B-4F7E-B5C4-A50ADBB1F1DB.png Moonstone is one of my favorites so it’s exciting to see this thread! Here are mine, aside from one more huge chunk of pink moonstone that I just couldn’t fit on today! :P
    The bluish stone is Labradorite and the black one is Onyx :smile:
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  12. Just bought my first moonstone piece. Pair of earrings with diamond
  13. Stunning! Great color and love the pear-shaped stones. Enjoy wearing them!
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  14. That is gorgeous!
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  15. At this point don’t have any moonstone jewellery. I do have one loose stone. At some point in time I do plan on getting a ring maybe, because I find moonstone mesmerizing.
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