Show me your moonstone jewellery xo

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  1. Noticed it lately and omg am in Love!!!!!

    Moonstone is on my brain, please show me ladies what you have.

    Looking at pendants and earrings. xxx tia
  2. Just saw this thread. I'll take some pics tomorrow & post them.
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  4. I have three pendants...They all have such brilliant flashes of pink, blue, turquoise and yellow. I wear all of them often and if I found another one that I liked, I would get that one, too. It's a feel good stone!

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  5. Looking forward to seeing what you love!
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  6. Here's mine. Pendant & earrings. Black spinel & moonstone drop earrings. I use to have a bracelet but it broke & I never could find it.
  7. I absolutely love moonstone! When I wear it with turquoise, I feel doubly protected from the world's! I have another piece that I forgot to post, so I will in just a bit. Hopefully, we will have more posts with pictures.....cdtracing…..such gorgeous pieces!
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  8. I have this beautiful cross. I like to wear it with a black leather choker. 20190624_140520.jpg
  9. Beautiful pieces, CR!! I love the cross!!
  10. Awww...thank you! It's about 2 and a half inches long and it has beautiful fire. I wore it yesterday just because of this thread.:heart:
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  11. So very beautiful! I would have no doubt that your bracelet broke...moonstone is not the hardest. I just looked it up, and it is 6 on the MOHS. I would still be tempted to get one if I saw one that I liked.
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  12. Yes, I am looking for another one. The one I lost was several stones linked. I have a Sterling hinged bangle with a single large oval Amber stone that I got almost 20 yrs ago from a silversmith at a renaissance fair that is very well made & sturdy. I would love to find a moonstone bracelet in a similar style.
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  13. The thrill of the chase!
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  14. My moonstone and tanzanite ring, bought at an antique store a few years ago:
  15. I think your beautiful moonstone ring is very unusual and stunning! Reminds me of an opal the way it is set.....
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