Should I have him put xmas/birthday towards an E-ring?

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  1. This may be terrible advice. But I’m going for it. First, find out what it takes for you to become unentangled in co-owning a house. When you find out, store that into some pdf, document, somewhere in your moms house and forget about it. Second, focus on yourself. Developing your own self worth and value and living your best life. Take this next year to enhance your singular life rather than the both of yours. Sounds selfish, but sometimes when you love someone all you think about is them, and how to make their life easier.
  2. All that above WITH having a clarification discussion for sure. It’s not fair for you to have to wait indefinitely. If he’s not going to do it any time soon, he needs to be real with both of you!
  3. You can be engaged without a ring for awhile (or ever), so the money thing really is an excuse IMO. The first question is leveling with him about your future-is it a future together? You've bought a house together, so it would seem so, but kind of unclear in this case. How do you handle money now (comingle, joint account, each pay half or a certain amount, etc)? If you are pooling money already, you are both paying for the ring, and yes it takes money away from other things in your budget. I know this isn't very romantic, but those would be the things I'd want to figure out before setting foot in a jewelry store.
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    Also, and I know this isn’t for everyone, but not every ering is crazy expensive. I know we are all members of TPF and see some gorgeous high end bags and jewelry regularly on here. A good friend of mine purchased her ering from QVC and I’ve seen it in person and that thing looked real and gorgeous. What they did was spend money on her gorgeous ascher cut eternity band. Just a thought. Oh and the QVC ering complimented her eternity band beautifully that she still wears that set together to this day. Where there’s a will
    there’s a way.

  5. What does the ring really represent if you are in a committed relationship?
    If finances are really tight, does it make sense to wait a few more months.
    It is hard to have it all & even though the you might be disappointed that he is dragging his feet
    perhaps finances are the reason why & he doesn't want to disappoint you with not getting you the ring of your dreams.
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