“Sheltering in Place” with Hermès


Widow caused by Covid.
May 18, 2019
Thank you everyone for the love and so sorry to make everyone sad with me again.
During The last three weeks I have attended to three funeral homes with close friends and family. We said good bye to our elderly-long time-ill. We prayed for them to get a peaceful ways to face the end of their life. We knew these days came soon. So three of them has left while families surrounding.
Next Friday will be one more and I hope I don’t have to go to any funeral home for a long time. Too many sad news... but I am happy for them, they have been in bad shape for a long time. It is Time for them to rest and enjoy life in another world.:heart::love:
A lemon cake my daughter baked to keep me happy for a long day. The kids stay home because of school.
She gave her father two and one for me. So unfair :lol: :love:
a-friend of me gave these fruit to pray for my husband, because she knows my husband loved them.

i really need a good feet bath ( Epsom salt)


Dec 12, 2015
Everything is okay now my dear :hugs: :love: :heart:
I pick this scarf up today. Although I wear mostly black now but can’t resist this one.:blush::love:
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BTW congratulations on your new Black Birkin, she is beautiful with Rose Gold Hardware. I love it!:girlsigh::girlsigh:
I’m relieved that everything is okay! I love your new scarf. And thank you - I’m your bag twin. It’s PHW but shows up in certain pictures as RGHW (a sign?!). And the strange thing is I had the option of RGHW too but I stuck to my original request for PHW. As my SA told me: the next one!