>>> Share your story with me - how did you get your first Birkin?


Aug 26, 2009
My mom has always been a fan of H. I've seen her rock a B and K growing up so naturally, I just fell in love with the brand. I have always loved the idea of saving up to splurge so when I finally reached 21 and landed on my first real job, I picked up the courage and went to the boutique to p order my very first birkin. 8 months later, I received the call and it was the most magical feeling ever when I was presented my UHG - a B30 Black Togo in GHW. I used all of the money that I have saved up throughout the years of working part-time and from my first full-time job, and nothing felt more satisfying than spending it on such a classic beauty.


Mar 31, 2012
The day after my 39th birthday, my dear boyfriend (unknowingly) called the H store in SF to place an order for a birkin (just to show you his lack of knowledge). He showed up at the store and placed his name on the wish list for a black togo with GHW. So fast forward, three months prior to my 40th birthday, he called H store and they told him it would be another 8 months. In a panic, he goes to Barney's to get me a Delvaux (plan B). The helpful sales associate told him between the two, he should get the birkin and recommended a reseller. The reseller had orange with GHW but not black. My dear boyfriend looked up Victoria Beckham (because he remembered seeing pictures of her with birkins) and noticed that she carried her black more than her orange birkin. He declined the orange birkin and as luck would have it, the reseller received the black togo with GHW a few weeks later. He snapped it up and didn't pay too much above retail because he promised her the one that was coming from H.

I apologize for the long story. He surprised me with my first birkin on my 40th birthday but I was more touched by the trouble he went through. I am the luckiest girl.
Jan 7, 2009
walked into my store and asked about a Kelly was shocked when the sa produced a 28 black ghw Kelly took it straight away, then when I was offered my second SO decided it was the right time for a birkin, ordered a 30 orange ghw and interior anemone took a while to come but still one of my fav bags.


Oct 30, 2014
It's so nice to read everyone's stories, mine dates back to 2013.

Back in the days, I knew very little of Hermes. I'd say, that my H journey begun with my nephew.. He was studying fashion at that time, and was lucky enough to score an internship for Hermes in the leather goods department in Paris. He wouldn't stop talking to me about this 'birkin' bag and that I needed one... well I wasn't interested, and in all honesty, I didn't even know what it looked like... So one day, he came back home from Paris to visit us over the weekend and showed up with a 'big' something. Bare in mind, that I didn't know anything and was surprised when I arrived home and found this gigantic box, sitting on my bench in the living room. I remember as if it was yesterday, there was a note on the box who said: 'ever thine, ever mine, ever ours' ( a bit cheesy I know, someone must've watch too much SATC ) but we share a very special bond together... anyway, back to the story, I opened the lid, and unboxed my very first Birkin 35 Gold GHW... I cried, not much for the bag, but more for the gesture and thought he had put into it... I am now clearly obsessed with the brand to a point where theres Hermes everywhere in my house.


Jun 10, 2013
I just go my first Birkin 3 weeks ago! I've tried to build a relationship with my local SA in Toronto last year and I'm still on the wish list. I went to Chicago for work and I received my promotion and was in the mood to celebrate, what better way than buying a Birkin? I asked for a Constance and they said they don't have one and said the magic words... But we do have a Birkin 35.... would you like to come upstairs and see it? The rest is history!


Feb 9, 2013
Went to Paris for the first time for my birthday in 2015. Showed up at FSH in my travel sweats on my first day. Waited in line 20 minutes and was assigned an SA. I told her what I wanted including my holy grail and waited another 10 minutes before she ushered me upstairs. There she revealed my HG and wished me a happy birthday.

Here's the detailed version https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/paris-trip-for-hermes.457159/page-709
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Feb 8, 2013
I'm not sure if you are still looking for stories, here is mine.
After about a year of shopping at my local store we started to discuss bags. I didn't begin buying there to buy a bag, I fell in love with a bracelet and went in to buy that specific item (even though I knew the history of H prior to the trip & had always admired their bags and scarves, and had even been to an exhibit when I was younger). Then, my SA (who is truly exceptional) introduced me to the 140 CSGMs...from there I began to collect the scarves and shawls. Jewelry and housewares were also items that I added to my collection, but I really wasn't sure of which bag style I wanted (there are so many beautiful styles)...or if I even wanted to spend that much on a bag (vintage was always an option). We were in the process of trying to buy a house in a very competitive area (and ferocious market) so I had to save money (generally and specifically) and push the idea of a bag to the back of my mind. Two years after the initial bag discussion I had the house and was ready to invest in an Hermes bag (aside from the vintage cloth tote that my husband bought for me for a trip to Hawaii). Which bag? That was a difficult question to answer. Eventually, after much discussion with my insightful SA, I went with an Etoupe Birkin with GHW. It is a classic, and will likely be my only new-from-the-store Birkin. I have my sights set on an Evelyne next, but not for a few months, I need to appreciate the bag that I just acquired before shifting my attention. The Birkin, to me, is like a work of art and I am very grateful to have one in my collection.


Apr 15, 2015
Here is my story...
In 2012 I had a week off to recover from an operation. So I spent the post-op time looking for a work bag and thought a black Victoria ticked all the boxes. I called the local boutique and fortunately one just came in the store the day before. I was so nervous picking up my Victoria as I had not set foot in a Hermes store before!

I knew it was almost an impossibility to get a Birkin but I said to the SA before leaving if they could please call me if they receive a Birkin in a neutral colour. The SA politely answered “ there is no wait list for a Birkin, the waitlist is closed I’m sorry”. I happily walked away with my Victoria.

Fast forward one year, exactly on my 9th wedding anniversary, I received a call from the SA that they have a 35 etoupe Birkin and if I would like to go have a look?

Looking back now, I CAN NOT believe I actually replied to the SA, “I’m busy during the day, yes I will go have a look if I have time, thank you”. I waited until hubby finished work which was almost closing time to go into the store. Magically, the etoupe b35 with phw was still there, and it came home with me on my wedding anniversary.

As the years go on, I now realized how incredibly lucky I was . Very blessed with my one and only. Thanks for reading my very long story!


Jul 21, 2014
Here is my story....
I was a university student and my luggage got stolen on a flight from adelaide to melbourne in 2002. I was staying at the grand hyatt. Very next morning i went out of the hotel and the first store i came to was Hermes (before they moved and LongChamp took over) - I had no idea about Hermes at that time. I went into said store and told them of my dilema and asked for large bags. The SAs brought out a Kelly 50, HAC 40 and Birkin 30. I took the Kelly 50 (after luggage size).... et voila.

Its been ongoing ever since....lol


Nov 14, 2007
I was offered my first B35 as a walk in on a business trip. I'm a huge handbag aficionado, and I've been in love with the Hermes brand for about 7 years. The Birkin has always been my HG handbag. It fits my lifestyle to a T. I was building up my profile at a local store, only purchasing what I really loved. I started with the Constance belt for my 25th birthday and branched out from there. I was never offered a bag at my local store, though.

I walked into a store on my trip, and joked with the SA saying "I know everyone asks this, but do you have any Birkins?" Got the luckiest call of my life this next day. A little over two years later, I have 3 Birkins in my collection and a great SA!


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Apr 10, 2006
I never thought to have a Birkin. I had only vintage Bolides, and was searching my favorite resellers for a special bag as a landmark birthday gift to myself. Oh the possibilities....
Suddenly I found a B 28 in Ebene Fjord with GHW which simply stole my heart. Why not? How old do I have to be to own a Birkin?!
And then....I found a B 37 in vert olive Barenia with GHW, definitely vintage but so little used that it looked like new. Why not? How old do I have to be to own a pair of Birkins?!
I had a very happy birthday, celebrating with a B in each hand. I highly recommend it!