Share your 2021 bag offers!


Jan 26, 2021
As I told Ryan (the most amazing SA at San Francisco) —Gurl, I’m shook.

Here’s the bag of my dreams. Birkin 30 touch made with Alligator and Ostrich in Violine/Cassis. Lined with chèvre and topped off with PHW.

The photos barely do it justice. And yes, I was actually shaking I was so excited.

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I’m floored!!!! Someone - please pull me to the side of the road! :drool: :loveeyes: Congratulations!!
Feb 17, 2021
Mini Lindy in Etoupe PHW: pass
Birkin 25 Vert Verone/Rose Lipstick Novillo PHW: pass
Mini Lindy Vert Bosphore swift GHW: Yes
Do I read it correctly that you were offered a B25 verso? Do you know if that was a SO that wasn't picked up or are B25 in verso now become more regular?
I've never seen a Mini Lindy in real life, it's not common in my region - but yours sounds lovely.