Share your 2019 bag offers!

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  2. Thank you! I am amazed at the whole process but grateful it worked out!
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  3. Offered a Black Kelly 28 in Sellier Epsom - still debating! Please help me here: so I have a black Togo ghw in K32 and B25 as well. Not sure if this Kelly will be an overkill of black with ghw in my collection. But I am scared I’ll regret since I really want a smaller Sellier Kelly!
  4. I have a b30 in noir and a black sellier Epsom noir with ghw is still my holy grail on the current wishlist. But if I were you I would grab the black sellier k28 and rehome the 32
  5. Since Anemone is back, has anyone been offered Anemone K/ B in leather other than togo/ epsom?
    Wondering if anyone has seen Anemone K and B in evercolor or othe leather types. I have seen K clutches/porchette has anemone in swift
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  6. If you prefer K25 sellier then I'd wait. Otherwise rehoming your K32 is an option.
  7. thank you so much for your input @DoggieBags !
    i will have a look at the bag when it arrives and then find out what the SAs have to say. as it is a handheld bag, I am not too worried about color transfer. What would scare me is blistering when exposed to even light raindrops and the possible lack of scratch resistance. But as you said, Veau M. has a slight
    I will be try to take a photo if possible. :smile:
    Thanks again!
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  8. Visited Meatpacking store and offered Birkin 30 blue nuit, 32 etain kelly (already own) and a 35 Etoupe Birkin. Took the Birkin 30 home! Will keep waiting for a tinier Birkin or kelly but the MP boutique is now my favorite to visit in NYC
  9. c18 alligator bleu paon ... didn't ask more about hardware because I'm not looking for alligator (as much as I love C and blues). Sounds like she would be very pretty but not for me (at least not yet!)
  10. K28 Noir Sombrero PHW. Declined and now regretting it.
    B30 Noir Tadelakt PHW. Will see in person in a couple of weeks when I’m back in town to decide!

  11. Ohhh I'd take either of these! Hope you love the b30!
  12. Birkin 30cm Togo Etoupe GHW - Yes please.:happydance:
    The only classic color that has eluded my collection because I had to have it with GHW.:heart:
  13. Congrats! This is my HG. Etoupe is my fave.
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  14. Thank you partialtopink!:heart:
  15. I’m looking for something that will be floppy and smooshy over time and I’m not sure it will do that.

    However, my friend was saying that I’m already 90% sure I’m getting it and will be at 95% walking in and at 100 when I see it
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  16. Oh my!! I gotta say, I'd take that K28 in a NY second! But the B30 sounds divine as well- both gorgeous leathers. Can't wait for the update.
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