Share your 2018 bag offers!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Yes I did!!
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  2. Yay!!n Congrats again! Please share pics when you have a chance!
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  3. Sneaked a pic as my dear SA was filling out a repair form. Unfortunately, the bag was unable to come home with me after I paid for it.

    STORY TIME: as my sa brought out the bag, it was still unopened in its original plastic seal. When she unveiled this holy grail mini c, we noticed some sticky residue as she took it out of the dust bag. It was sticky with some fibers of the dust bag stuck to it— it honestly reminded me of gum. She talked to the manager because we were unable to rub it off. They reassured me that they can fix it without any additional cost to me. I obviously couldn’t pass up such an amazing leather, so I said I would proceed with the purchase.

    They are first sending the bag to a local leather repair shop to see if they can fix it. That is expected to take 3-4 weeks. Boxcalf is such a delicate leather, so we are unsure if the local artisan can fix it without any abrasions. If not, then we will send the bag to Paris. If Paris is unable to fix it there, they will remake the bag especially for me and send it to US. That is expected to take even longer, possibly 3-4 months. I asked if Paris can just send me an already-made box mini C, but she said no. For some reason they will have to remake the bag from scratch. Possibly because it’s a push offer?

    ANYWAYS, sorry for the long story. What a roller coaster of emotions today. Has this happened to anyone else before? If you were in my shoes, would you also purchase this bag given the extra wait time for repair?

  4. congrats! PHW or GHW?

    also wonder why they couldn't send it to the NY store where there is a repair center with a dedicated artisan hired from France on site?
  5. Phw! I feel like the protocol is local repair, then Paris. The last person to see the bag was the craftsman—the plastic was still there— so that may be why they want to send it to Paris.
  6. Mini as in C14? or C18? wanted to check b/c a lot of people refer to c18 as the mini...
  7. meant to say, be it 14 or 18, both are to die for!
  8. 18! I’m pretty sure mini C is 18. The 14 is called micro~
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  9. ah. yes yes. you are right. 14 is a micro.
    nice bag! congrats!
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  10. Was waiting for Sellier k25 but got offered B25 Gris tourterelle in Togo leather with RGHW - I said yes
  11. B30 in Vert Cypres, Togo, ghw. Passed.
    27D6C165-EEDC-44D9-BA26-AC6D364FC174.jpeg 548BDE76-AE6A-4A33-A5E2-C4E3999E801C.jpeg
  12. Such a nice offer !!! Can't wait to see the bag!!!
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  13. Exact bag I’m waiting on!!! Pictures please!!
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  14. My dream bag!!! Please share pics!
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  15. She’s here
    28252CFB-D8CB-4F9E-B364-F6FC4F230E68.jpeg DCC94F83-9216-4587-8054-CBA4D1D5BA37.jpeg
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