Serious question

  1. What do you guys think of a straight guy carrying a ebony colored Saleya GM? I really like that bag, and i have it on hold for pickup on tuesday. What do you think and if you have any pictures i would love if you'd include them.
  2. If you feel comfortable carrying it, by all means. I personally would not do it, but as I said if you can rock it go ahead.
  3. I totally would carry it. It's just a tote...

  4. Carry anything you want, LV shows you got good taste. I buy my gf LV all the time, I finally got myself a wallet and a pen holder.
  5. Not for me on a straight guy, sorry!
  6. sorry, but I agree.:shrugs:
  7. what about a sac plat or keepall 50 in damier?
  8. I would say not on a straight guy either, however having said that, I have seen quite a few male international students over here carry off LV totes like the Saleya very well!
  9. I dont know now... do i still want it or not, i thought i did.
  10. If you can rock it go for it, but your other choices the Sac Plat and the Keepall sound like a possibility though. Good luck!
  11. hmmmm
  12. the sac plat or the keepall would be perfect!
    i think the saleya would be a bit girly though...
  13. I would say NO. It doesn't look right on a straight guy.
  14. not if you're straight :p i would also suggest the sac plat. :smile:
  15. I don't know about that bag on a guy...