Sergio Rossi Clubhouse

  1. I love them! I'd get the black - they're so versatile!
  2. Go for the black then, you seem to prefer it, they both look great IMO! Either color would be a great purchase!
  3. Black for sure, I think the light ones might look cheap, and harder to wear. The black you can wear all year long.
  4. another vote for the black ... :tup:
  5. either one; depends on whether you want an all-year round black or something more light/fun for summer. Either way, I love sergio rossi - good quality, comfy, beautiful
  6. I was looking at the exact same shoe but in suede! Hawt...I say go with both. *wink*

  7. So are you going to buy them in suede? :woohoo:
  8. Yes! but I'm :banned:from buying any shoes until next month.:sad:
  9. Just for info if you want to save money : You can find the suede version and more for 470€, which means today 630$ at Biondini Paris.

    They are part of and have many stores worldwide
  10. I like the nude!
  11. When I do order mine I was going to order from ff! And their listing price
    is $606.00! But after tax & fees it comes out to be $724.00...Trust me
    I did my
  12. Wow ! that's crazy !!

    The total amount got a 20% increase !! This did not happen when I bought at Biondini the last Zanotti wedge pumps a few weeks ago.

    But maybe it was because I ordered from France...
  13. ^^^Yes! That's exactly why. I live in cali. Oh, well...:smile:
  14. I like them both. But if you have to pick one, i'd go with Nude!
  15. You can't go wrong with either pair. They are comfortable and such a hot shoe. I tried on the nude this weekend. I'm not after a neutral shoe, so I can't really help the OP. Good luck with whatever you decide.